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Fact: this recipe looks awesome

Fact: it also looks a little time consuming

Fact: I’d really love to eat this if someone would make it for me

Want to see for yourself?  Check out the tangled thai salad!

Dave and I are headed out for a super fun wedding weekend!

Fact: babies definitely make you pack more stuff…

For Dave/us:

  • 1 duffel bag
  • 1 cooler for lunch/snacks for both of us
  • 1 bag with my shoes and Dave’s books

For me:

  • 1 duffel bag
  • wedding shoes
  • wedding dress
  • purse

For Leo:

  • playpen
  • breast pump
  • duffel bag
  • diaper bag
  • baby bjorn

Fact: that’s a little ridiculous.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “facts

  1. ha! Maybe it’s time to upgrade your duffel bags? Though it can’t be avoided…even when we’re coming home for a night or two for me to work, I have my bag, Elias’ bag, his diaper bag, and my work bag. Silly babies. 🙂

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