‘fess up

  1. There will be a recipe for Tangled Thai Salad on Friday, but not a review.  I’m going to be honest (these are confessions, after all): I’m too lazy to make it this week.  My excuses: being back at work and prioritizing housework and family time over spiralizing veggies.  I think the salad looks delicious… I just want someone else to make it for me so I can eat it.  (If any of you do make it let me know and I’ll post your review!)
  2. I am not too lazy to stay in the 100 day challenge.  Day 3 and I’m still loving it.  Bonus: chances are if I’m getting on to do at least one mile, I’ll do a few more, too.
  3. Dave and I are giving big Christmas and anniversary presents to each other this year: first a treadmill and now a brand spankin’ new boiler going in on November 30.  Happy lower heat bills in 2012!
  4. Chocolate at 8am is fantastic.
  5. We put extra food in Mosie’s bowl now because we sometimes forget to feed her.  Poor, poor Mosie.
  6. Since the dentist found a cavity at the last appointment, I’ve had an irrational fear that I have more.  As in I when I go to get the cavity drilled I want to ask him to recheck my mouth, just in case there’s more.
  7. The photographer who took Leo’s 3 month pictures said she’d be putting them up on facebook as she edits them.  I now check facebook obsessively hoping to see one.  So far, no luck.
  8. I had to give up goldfish crackers because they had an uncanny ability to make me really hungry for more crackers, for sweets, for anything junkfood.  No good.

What are some of your confessions?

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2 thoughts on “‘fess up

  1. ~i ate dinner on the floor in front of the tv last night (watching Glee i recorded tues)
    ~i was short tempered with my students yesterday
    ~i picked a scab on my arm (poison ivy)…gross, i know!
    ~i left my trash in the garage instead of taking it to the dumpster and it smells

    on another note- did you see the recipes for vegan and regular goldfish crackers? less guilt if they are homemade/healthier?

  2. * I have dozens of recipes pinned or bookmarked and over 100 printed in a pile of new recipes to try. And I still look for more, multiple times a day. Obsessed. I need more reasons to cook or more people to cook for.
    * I hate the fact that I bite my nails. I need clean-looking hands for work so I get a manicure, then won’t bite my nails for 1-2 weeks when the polish is strong. Once it starts to chip off I begin biting. Then I’ll put off going to the salon “because I don’t want the manicurist to see how badly I have bitten my nails” until I can’t stand it anymore and I’ll go for a manicure. My nails will look good again until the polish begins to chip and I bite them, then cycle repeats. Ugh.
    * I am a more pleasant person in the morning once I have had a cup of coffee.
    * I steal french fries from my kids’ happy meals when we go to McDonalds.
    * I am a major control freak, but I don’t think it’s that bad since I am less of one than a few people I know.

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