the weekend

The weekend by bullet points:

  • had Leo’s 3 month photo shoot – can’t wait to see the pictures!
  • organized the garage so we could pull the cars in
  • cleaned up the mudroom
  • hung out with Aunt Melody (Dave’s sister)
  • walked to the library
  • went to church
  • watched Firefly and ate ice cream
  • roasted chickpeas for munching
  • made potato leek white bean soup
  • after 4 days Leo finally pooped and… Wow.  It was a lot.
  • ran on the treadmill
  • took a family night walk
  • posted the reader recipe poll a day early by accident
  • took this super cute picture of Leo!

What were some of your weekend bullet points?

7 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. I enjoyed my first not work-related weekend away from home (sans kids) in 10 years! I had a blast in Greenville, South Carolina and enjoyed the following: awesome visit with my friend Robin (we have known each other since we were 12 and haven’t seen each other in 5 years!), dinner and beer at a Belgium pub (yum!), all day tailgate and exciting football game in Clemson, SC, low country boil while watching Clemson fans celebrate the victory like mad, lovely fall leaves on the trees and cool fall weather, fun lunch and walk around downtown Greenville with my fun cousin Jill, and browsing in the general store! Such a great weekend with friends and family! And I got a hug from my family when I returned. Whew!

    P.S. Love your sweet family weekend and cute photo of Leo! How was the potato leek soup?

  2. OMG Firefly is AMAZING (I may or may not have a not-so-secret lusting for a certain space cowboy).

    My bullet points
    *Drove to Indianapolis for the kid’s marching band competition
    *Took tons of pictures of wind farms on the way there and back
    *Hung out with a few friends who happened to be there for a conference – bonus!

  3. •out to dinner at a japanese steakhouse for a friend’s bday
    •Seminar on sensory processing disorder
    •Saw the musical “Annie”
    •Grocery shopping
    •Lunch and a walk downtown with wendy
    •Dropped off wendy at the airport
    It was a pretty busy, but fun weekend! So thankful to have such an amazing family (loved seeing wendy!)

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