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the treadmill setup

Our new treadmill, which I was already loving, just got more awesome.  The treadmill has a cable hookup.  While we don’t have cable, we do have a DVD/VHS player!  Dave hooked it up to the treadmill and – sweeeet! – we can watch movies while we run!

I watched part of Stick It (loooove that movie) this morning while I ran – 4 miles in 35:29, 8:52 pace.  Goal for 2012: be as fast outside as I am on a treadmill.

You might think my hair is bouncing with the awesomeness of my running.  Nope.  It’s just bed-head.  Also, photo-evidence of my crazy over-pronation.  Rock it.

So here’s the whole treadmill set-up:

  • iPod (if I don’t want to watch a movie)
  • baby monitor (it’s hard to hear if Leo is crying over the treadmill)
  • movie and speakers!  (I can also plug headphones into the console.)
  • sweat towel (essential)

The DVD player is on the floor in front of the treadmill.  Running while watching movies = way fun!

What are your favorite movies?  I need some good recommendations when I go to hit up the library movie section!

PS: I have a tab open on my computer for a spring marathon I want to register for.  Point of contention: do I want to marathon train almost completely on a treadmill?


6 thoughts on “the treadmill setup

  1. Hot Rod is the movie you need to watch while running. You won’t be able to run because you will be laughing. Also, I did 35 minutes on the elliptical last night with no problems with my ankle. I am heading out now to do it again.

  2. I’m just giving a general list. If these are approps for working out, I’m not sure. hahaha The Figher. Jane Eyre. Downtown Abbey (mini series). Tapped. Food Inc. The newest X-men-beginning one. Australia (it’s a bit dramatic but I REALLY enjoyed it). Midnight in Paris (about Hemmingway).

  3. Love the treadmill! We have a tv near ours, but it would be nice to have it closer!

    I would not be able to train for a marathon entirely on a treadmill – have you before? We trained for our first half that way, but now that I run outside, I am not sure I could do it again!

    Fast pace!!! 🙂

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