morning soup

When Leo gets up at 4:30am to eat, and you were going to get up at 5am anyway, you stay up.

You make a giant pot of lentil soup.

(Worst picture ever.)

But you skip running.  Because it hurts to even think about putting out the effort.

What did you do this morning?


13 thoughts on “morning soup

  1. I woke up at 5:30 and because I haven’t changed my home phones time yet (since the time change and I use it as my clock next to my bed) I thought it was 6:30. I got up and went downstairs to make coffee and realized the error so I watched the news, watched some of Gold Rush (Discovery show), drank coffee, and ate raisin brand until the wife and kids got up.

  2. same old, same old for me. yoga, tea, shower, walk dogs, let chickens and ducks out.
    did read some news. and decided it’s probably not the best week to be going to state college tomorrow.

  3. I woke up early with Emitt, and he fell back asleep but I stayed up and patched and primed a portion of a wall in our kitchen that we had to replace after some roof-leaking issues. Not the funnest morning but I feel like I got a big thing checked off my “to do” list already. 🙂

  4. Woke up at 6:30 with intentions of having breakfast and reading Bible/iPad, snoozed instead until 7:15, got out of bed, made coffee and oatmeal, showered, drank/ate coffee and oatmeal while getting ready, made bed and was out the door by 8:15!

  5. Leo must have called Miles because we were up at the same time too. Dernit! I managed to lay back down (not sleep) till 6 when he decided to eat … again. I did manage a 2-mile run, which put him back to sleep and allowed me to make maple cream cheese icing and scrambled egg whites. Not eaten together, of course.

    Hope back to work is going well!

  6. Up by 5:30, had a decently hard 6 mile treadmill run (about 8:30 pace, but with negative splits). I am so trying to redeem myself after this weekend’s disappointing effort! Helped kids get ready for school & drove them there from 7-8. Shower, breakfast, and 45 minutes of work so far. About to head to Amelia’s school for her costsume fitting for the 3rd grade musical, then back to work. P.S. I remember the days of 4:30 wakenings, especially being angry that they were spurred by time-change issues. I completely remember having “playtime” with a 3 month old Amelia at 5:10 or something ridiculous like that after we had been up for awhile, wondering how strange it was that I was putting her down for her first morning nap before 8. These days of sleep deprivation will pass, I promise!

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