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Remember how I was going to run a half marathon by the end of October?

It didn’t happen.

It’s not even because it couldn’t have happened… I just didn’t even try!  Toward the end of the month I kept thinking “I need to go for 13” and then I wouldn’t, because I was tired, because I needed to be home with Leo, because I needed to be home to pump, because I didn’t feel like it…  Basically, I found a lot of excuses for not doing it and so it didn’t get done.  Not my finest moment.

October run total: 37.7 miles (not bad for my first month back after having Leo, but such a small number for me!)

Longest run: 7 miles (with Leo in the stroller – we had a blast!)

Here are my goals for November:

  • run at least 3 times a week (should be more than doable with our new treadmill!)
  • do a long run of 10 miles at least once
  • run on Thanksgiving day (Dave and I’s tradition!)

What are your November exercise goals?


5 thoughts on “laaazy

  1. Ah, at least you were running during the month! We all fall back on plans every now and then, but it seems like you have been able to reevaluate and plan better for November. My exercise goals for this month are to incorporate more strength and cross-training. I did one spinning class last week, but I want to add that and yoga. Happy November!

  2. Maybe now that the potential to run that half marathon is over you will be more motivated to run. I know once my october half was over I was way more motivated to get out there and exercise.

    I think my subconscious was playing tricks on me. Telling me because I had cut back on running and because I was pregnant I wouldn’t be able to run that half marathon. Because my brain was telling me I couldn’t do it I wasn’t motivated to do anything. I am not sure if I am making any sense. But the moral of the story is that now that I am not stressing about being able to run 13.1 miles I am much more motivated to exercise. It helps to have more energy too. Silly Trimester 1!! 🙂

  3. since november kicked off, i’ve been doing yoga every morning. sometimes just 5 minutes. sometimes much longer. and sometimes i sneak little bits of it into the rest of the day, too. i’ve been having a hard time finding chunks of time for exercising so this is allowing me to take care of myself in accumulation rather than all at once or not at all.

  4. I’ve been feeling super lazy since the marathon. This month, I hope to start ramping up the training again, even though I don’t really need to start training for my next half until December sometime.

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