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Yesterday was a big day around here!  My aunt and uncle came up to hang out with us.  Aunt Penny used her baby-whispering ways on Leo.

Aunt Penny and Uncle Lyn recently bought new living room furniture and decided to give us their couch and loveseat and ottoman!  The couch arrived yesterday…

But wait!  What’s that lurking in the corner over there?

It’s our new treadmill!

We picked this baby up off of Craigslist and scored a great deal.  Dave and I are so excited to run – rain, shine, horrible-never-ending-Indiana-winter!  (Clearly Mosie, too, is looking forward to getting in a good workout.)

In one day our previously completely empty room sure filled up!

We’ll reconfigure the room when we have the loveseat in there.  We might turn the treadmill a different way, move the couch, etc.

Also, that couch?  Crazy comfortable.  It’s a bigtime nap trap.

What’s something new you’ve gotten for your house lately?


2 thoughts on “new stuff!

  1. Score. Nice that it is a neutral color as well and not avocado green and harvest gold plaid 😉

    I’m doing the “everything old is new again” thing. So I don’t technically have anything new but I’ve done some furniture painting, pillow and cushion recovering and general fluffing.

    I can think of about a kajillion things I’d like to buy for our home though, but alas, all our money is going to Thomas the Train 🙂

  2. I love the color of that couch, it looks really comfy. I am dying for a new couch. Mine was a hand me down from someone who also got it as a hand me down. Pretty sure it is at least 12 years old and sometimes it smells really bad like fart. Not from me, I swear!
    Love the treadmill lurking in the corner. I am dying for a treadmill or spin bike in my living room

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