leo’s famous

Leo made the front page of the newspaper!

That’s going in the baby book for sure!

Have you ever been in the paper?  What for?  I don’t think I have before!


10 thoughts on “leo’s famous

  1. Haha. I used to be daily — I was a reporter!

    Outside of that I was in the Toledo Blade once when I was about 10-years-old. My photo was taken at the local park and my last name was spelled wrong. Doh!

  2. Cute! You didn’t mention why you all are pictured in the paper. What’s the story about?

    My photo has been in the paper a few times. Once when I was in high school for a feature related to a class project and once here in Dallas for a lifestyle article on running. I am pretty shy though so I don’t know that I liked either appearance.

  3. My name is always mentioned in the paper for local races but after my first child was born, she was the feature in the local news as the first Mother’s Day baby of 2005. The news crew came to the hospital and filmed me and her and it was featured on the 6 p.m. news. I was so excited about that. What’s really crazy is about 4 years ago, she and I were in the mall walking around and someone at a store asked if she was the Mother’s Day baby of 2005, they recognized her because of her red hair that she still has from when she was born.

  4. When I was pretty young, I got my picture in the paper. I was at a local festival, sitting on the curb and stuffing my face with an ice cream cone 🙂

  5. Yay! So cool! I was in the paper in high school when I was the goalie for my soccer team. And my bf and I ran the HM in her hometown together and she was on the front page (I was cropped off).

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