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For Halloween this year, Dave went as a burglar.

HA!  Actually, we got locked out of the house by accident on Saturday.  Thankfully, one of our downstairs windows was open and we were able to get back inside!  It definitely encouraged us to get a spare key made!

Have you ever been locked out?  Tell the story!


6 thoughts on “burglar!

  1. Heck yes, we’ve been locked out before. Normally involves something like your picture above to get us back in the house. While it’s scary to think how easy some windows are to open from the outside, I know the burglar would have to be a black belt ninja for me not to hear him. Or we’re just sloppy because something always ends up broken- or at least knocked over. Good thing it’s not our career 😉

  2. Have we got a story??? New Year’s Eve 2004 we hired a babysitter who was going to spend the night, since we were attending a New Year’s Eve party and had the potential for returning home later than normal. We returned home at 12:30 AM only to find that the babysitter had locked the door leading from the garage into the house…which we never lock thereby not having a key with us. All other doors and windows were locked, and our basement window well covers are locked. We called on the phone, rang the doorbell…and neither our daughter or babysitter woke up!! We napped in the van in the garage, trying to ring the phone, ring the doorbell and beat on the door every hour or so. We actually drove to the local police station around 3 PM to see if they could help. We learned our house is very secure, as even the police couldn’t get in, without breaking something. (Not a chance!!) Eventually, my continual door ringing awoke the sitter and we made it in at 5 AM. Moral: We have spare keys in our automobiles, as well as hidden outside the house!!

  3. me and this boy were hanging out–the evening post-marathon–and I was cat/house sitting for friends. grabbed the wrong key on the counter and when we got back, we realized at 9:30pm, we were locked out. and my to-be-eaten-dinner was on the front steps. fail. had to pony up $125 to get back in and by 10:30pm, I finally got to stick my frozen pizza in the oven. (no one–not even their parents–had a spare.) needless to say, a spare was given to me upon their return. I wanted to break a window . . . hahahaha

  4. Ha ha! Love it! Now, you must have re-enacted this photo?

    One time I left my house key inside so I had to wait in the garage for Steven to come home 🙂

  5. You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve locked myself out of my car. House?! None that I can think of…I could always jimmy open a lock at my parents when I lived there…however, in May when I had the exercise poop cramps we went to their house desperately during our run/walk only to find that no one was home and there was no way to get inside 😦 I debated for a long time whether to just relieve myself in their yard…I didn’t and it was the LONGEST walk home of my life! Note to self: Even if my parents don’t want a spare key hidden outside of their house – I might want to consider doing it myself…

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