On Monday morning Leo and I took a field trip to the orchard, where we picked up a bushel of apples (half cortland and half mcintosh).  Tuesday morning I made applesauce for the first time!

Step 1: wash the apples

Have your sidekick nearby to supervise.

Step 2: quarter the apples and toss them in a pot with a little bit of water.  Boil away until soft.  Snuggle your sidekick, who is getting ready for a morning nap.

And take a few family pictures.

Step 3: Start churning your apples with the awesome Victoria strainer your mom gave you as an early Christmas present.

Repeat until you use up all the apples.  Be sure to stop and play with your sidekick when he’s up from his nap.

Step 4: Box up your sauce for the freezer!

Step 5: Wash up the pot, the strainer, the counters.

Step 6: Step back and be proud of all your applesauce!

Initally I thought I would get another bushel of apples and make more applesauce next week, but I think that’s probably unnecessary.  And if I do decide to do that, I’m going to need more containers!

Have you ever made applesauce?


14 thoughts on “sauced

  1. I’ve never made that quantity of applesauce, but yes, I have made it. And I always love it. My mom used to make it as a special event side and we always loved it. Fall always makes me crave it!

  2. Wow. I am not sure you made enough applesauce. You better make more! Hee hee 🙂

    Oh my gosh, that first picture of Leo is hilarious! He has the most bewildered look on his face!

    I love the family pic. Mosie!! And Leo’s smiles 🙂

    1. I, too, noticed and loved the exposed brick wall and cool door moldings. Good job decorating, Kim!! Can we borrow Leo for a weekend?? He’s a GREAT sidekick and I do miss those infant cuddles. 🙂

  3. Yep, sure have…bushels too numerous to count through the years! I’m puzzled by the lack of a shield on your victorian strainer or did you remove it for the photo? Nice work!

  4. you should make some apple butter, I think you would be good at that too! I made it and it was so yummy! Looks like little leo will have his full of applesauce when the time comes:) you are such a productive mother! i love it!

  5. We used cortland as well – beautiful and tangy! Instead of water we used apple cidar 🙂 With a spritz of lemon – can’t wait to taste yours sometime 🙂

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