a day in the life: 2 months

Leo is 2 months now.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.

Writing Leo’s “a day in the life: 1 month” was pretty easy.  But this post has been a lot harder to write since Leo’s “normal day” seems to change pretty often, especially his night routine.  But here’s where we’re at right now (which basically means it could change tomorrow):

9am: Leo feeds.  He’s faster now and gets the job done in about 20 minutes.  Afterwards he has some waketime which may include any of the following: face-to-face time with me to interact, belly time on the boppy pillow, a bath, reading books, hanging in his bouncer, sitting in his bumbo chair on the counter while I clean up.

10:15am: I pump.

10:30am: Leo takes a nap.  He might go down earlier, but sometime between 10 and 10:30 he generally falls asleep.

noon: Leo feeds.  Afterwards is some waketime which may include any of the following: a walk (or maybe a stroller run), belly time on the playmat, hanging in his bouncer, interacting with me, running errands.

1:15pm: I pump.

1:30pm: Leo takes a nap.

3pm: Leo feeds.  Repeat noontime awake activities.  Also sitting in his bumbo chair on the kitchen counter while I prep dinner.

4:30pm: Leo takes a nap.

6pm: Leo feeds.  Repeat noontime awake activities.  Often this is when Dave and I get a lot of face-to-face interaction time with Leo together.

7:30pm: Leo takes a nap.

8:30pm: Leo feeds and goes immediately down to sleep.

11:30pm-12:30am: Leo feeds somewhere in this time frame (whenever he wakes up).  He goes right back down to sleep after this.

2:30am-3:30am: Leo wakes up fussing but doesn’t seem to be hungry.  On a good night he goes back down to sleep.  After a bad night he fusses on and off (every 20 minutes or so) until 6am.  Lately the bad nights have been winning, unfortunately.  He started doing this about a week ago and Dave and I are working on eliminating it.  Ideally Leo would just sleep from his last feeding until 6am.

Note: Last night Leo woke up only once – at 2am – fed, then went right back to sleep.  GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH.

5am: I pump and either stay up (on a good night) or go back to sleep (on a bad night).

6am: Dave feeds Leo a bottle.  They listen to music and Dave reads Leo scripture.  They get some face-to-face time and then Leo generally falls back asleep around 6:45am.

7am: I pump (and stay up if I had gone back to bed).  If it’s been a good night I go for a run.  If it’s been a bad night I probably don’t because I feel like junk.

So that’s our day!  Like I said, the daytime routine is consistent… the nighttime routine, not so much.  Leo’s working on figuring things out though, so we’re confident he’ll get his nighttime sorted out, too!  The best part of our day is definitely when Leo is smiling and talking to us.  We love his little voice and his big smiles!

What’s the highlight of your day?


8 thoughts on “a day in the life: 2 months

  1. Yay for having last night be a good night! 🙂 When Leo is fussing, do you have to stay with him the whole time? Does he stay in your room now?

    I love baby smiles. So cute. And baby giggles! My friend’s baby just started laughing a few months ago and when they were visiting I got him to laugh over and over. I loved it.

    The highlight of my day is getting home from work and seeing my husband and cat 🙂 How’s Mosers?

    1. No, I try to either let him cry it out or I comfort him and put him back down. He is in his own room – Dave and I have wanted to keep our bedroom as just ours.

      We can’t wait for him to laugh! That’ll be so fun!

      Mosie is good. She’s more needy for attention now. 🙂

  2. Clearly I know nothing about babies…

    Why do they have to eat in the middle of the night?! I don’t understand why they don’t just sleep and then eat when they get up… like an adult. Haha.

  3. This is a really neat post, Kim. Mamas do hard work (and daddies, too)! Do you have 12 weeks of maternity leave?

  4. Holy cow I’m exhausted just thinking about this! I sure looks like you’ve gotten a nice routine down – which is awesome! Hopefully the sleeping for longer at night will continue.

  5. This was SO SO SO helpful and informative. I know (better) what to expect in a few weeks now. You’re awesome!

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