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double blowout

On Saturday Dave and Leo and I went with Jenny (my sister-in-law) to a high school soccer game.  Jenny’s husband, Mark, is an assistant coach and the team made it all the way to semi-state finals.  It’s the farthest the school has ever gotten!

We got to the park right as they were announcing the teams and hurried to grab our stuff and get inside.  I scooped up Leo and got an ugly surprise – a huge blowout!  It was a stealthy one, too, as none of us had even heard a poop noise (and generally you can hear them, trust me).  I was about to set up diaper changing shop on the backseat when I realized the trunk would be so much bigger and easier!

Leo doesn’t seem so sure, but trust me, it was an ideal changing location.

The blowout took about 5 minutes to clean up – lots of wipes were needed for pretty much Leo’s entire body and my hands.  And thankfully I have made a habit of keeping a spare sleeper in the diaper bag at all times, so Leo had a clean outfit to wear.  Soon we were reclothed, rebundled, and into the game!

The game turned out to be another blowout.  Mark’s team won 8-0!  Those 8 goals were all scored in the first half, too.  It was crazy!

This picture was a good reminder to me of how much I slouch.  Holy cow.

Leo slept most of the game and Dave and I had such a great time hanging out with Jenny and catching up and enjoying a beautiful fall morning!

What’s your favorite sport to watch?  On tv: football and basketball.  In person: basketball and soccer.  Never ever: baseball.


5 thoughts on “double blowout

  1. I definitely don’t miss the days of diaper blow-outs.

    ps-your slouchy picture made me sit up straighter at my computer and my back cracked! Looks like we both need to work on our posture 🙂

  2. we’ve definitely done a few diaper changing sessions on the trunk of our car.:) and i’ve learned to always have an extra outfit etc in case of explosions. one of which took place loudly in church and ended up partially on the church pew. parenting can bring about quite embarrassing situations.:)

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