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I love that I’m able to run again!

I love that building mileage has been fairly easy – last week I got in 4.75!

I love that it’s my favorite running weather – cool, sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny, wonderfully fall.

But I haven’t been running.

Leo is still waking up to eat every 3-4 hours at night, 98% of the time.  He’s done 5 hours a handful of times, but they are few and very far between (the last one was about 2 weeks ago).  This is fine and obviously what he’s needing (he takes a full feeding every time he wakes up at night), but it’s wearing on me.  I am tired.  Obviously, this is pretty expected for mom-of-a-newborn, but it’s definitely not helping me get out to run!  I run best first thing in the morning, so ideally I would go around 6am.  But most mornings I’m way too crazy tired to get out of bed, so I end up sleeping til 7:30.  Then I get up, pump, and eat breakfast, because by this time I’m really hungry.  Then Leo eats at 9 and I could run after that, but generally I’m either full from breakfast or needing to get showered and get moving for the day.  The few runs I have done after 9 haven’t gone well anyhow.  Like I said, I run best first thing, before my body wakes up.  For some reason I feel more coordinated the earlier it is in the day.  And just this week my back has started to hurt – I think a combination of weak ab muscles and picking up Leo’s carseat carrier in some not-so-back-friendly ways (laaame).

So what now?  Obviously I really want to be running – I still have that half marathon by the end of October goal!  But I need to rethink my schedule – either sacrificing some sleep and getting up early, or figuring out another time in the day to run (and making myself run through that awkward/clumsy feeling).  This morning I got up at 7, pumped, had a little breakfast and hot tea, then went out and ran 4 miles.  I was tired the whole run, but I was out there and I kept a just-under-10-minute pace, so that was good.  And Dave was happy to stay home and look out for Leo in case he woke up from his nap.  So maybe this new plan will work for now, at least until Leo starts sleeping longer at night – then we’ll reconfigure again!

When do you feel your best?  Early morning?  Afternoon?  Nighttime?


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  1. I know you are itching to get running more frequently, but patience…patience… 🙂 Leo’s schedule will likely become more friendly to the running pattern you most favor (early mornings) and/or you won’t feel as tired first thing in the morning as he sleeps longer durations at night. And then it will be SO much easier to enjoy it and feel like you are enjoying it.

    I know each baby is different, but with each of my kids I felt most frustrated between 2-3 months because I was just so tired and over the lack of sleep. Mentally I thought that they should be sleeping more since they were growing well, and then sometime between 3-4 months they both turned the corner completely and slept 8-12 hours a night. Whatever Leos turning point is, it will be infinitely easier to get back to your old habits and feel more like the pre-Leo you, after that point.

    I think you are a complete rock star for even trying to run frequently with a two month old. Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for having the stamina and healthy mind to take care of the momma.

  2. I know you want to be out there building your mileage but give yourself some time. Just because your body is ready to run doesn’t mean you have to put pressure on yourself to do so. I know exactly how you are feeling. Miles ate every 2-3 hours until he was 8 months old. I’m not exaggerating. Boys are hungry little things! Run when you can, but rest and get some sleep when you can too. Enjoy these early days. You have years and years of running ahead of you! 🙂 You are doing great!

  3. You are doing awesome! Your pace and mileage is really inspiring. It’s hard to get out there but you just fit in when you can. I either go in the a.m. after a small snack and nursing Miles; right after work before dinner; or, my least fave, after he goes down at 9. Stinks but at that point I just care about getting it in. I’m waiting for the sleep schedule Wendy is talking about so I can get up at 5 and run on the treadmill or outside while Mark is still home.

  4. i agree with wendy. it’s good to dream big, but you also should be realistic. especially since the end of october is 12 days away. running as often as your body feels well and as often as your schedule with leo allows is accomplishment enough. and you should be proud of that. maybe while he’s tiring you out, you should take this opportunity to do things that perhaps feel less strenuous like doing essentrics and pilates and yoga to build up your core strength so when your schedule allows for running again, your body will be strong and ready. plus, long walks with leo should be a priority, too, while the weather is nice enough for him to be out in it for extended periods.

  5. Good for you for trying something new today. I would be frustrated with not being able to run at my normal time. I am usually an am runner. But lately a lot I have to run at lunch or in the evening. I hope you get more used to running midday and get some more sleep 🙂

  6. You’re doing so great. It’s really hard to figure out the new schedule, I’m still trying to do it. All of my running or exercising at all is at night (except for weekends) now because that’s when I can fit it in. There is no getting up any earlier because I’m already up at 5 every morning, stupid long commute.

    Be patient and don’t forgo the sleep that you need.

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