egyptian edamame stew

Last night we tried a new recipe, egyptian edamame stew.  We used the recipe found here and served ours over millet.  The stew was pretty good but definitely needed salt added!  It’s a really good wintertime recipe – very warm and hearty!

Tomatoes, edamame, onion, zucchini, cumin… what’s not to love?

What did you have for dinner last night?


7 thoughts on “egyptian edamame stew

  1. That sounds really good! We have cauliflower and boca chicken for dinner last night. But the night before Steven made a yummy pasta dish with chickpeas and gardein chicken and some yummy broth that he thickened up with cornstarch. I should have him write the recipe because it’s so yummy!

  2. Thanks for the awesome (and detailed) tofu tutorial! I will definitely try it now.

    I made a hugh pot of white bean chicken chili this weekend and that was dinner (again) last night. Also made yummy sweet cornbread to go with it. The weather is decently cooler now in Dallas (high of 67 today – yea!) so it is fall-ish enough to make soups and stews, finally.

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