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The winner of the reader recipe poll is banana coffee muffins!  Recipe and review Friday!

After making delicious little tofu nuggets for veggie cobb salads, my cousin Wendy asked for a tofu tutorial.  Here’s my best shot (FYI: my methods are based off of lessons from my sister, my mom, and Angela’s recipe).

First step: buy extra firm tofu.  Drain the water out.  Slice the tofu into thin slabs.  I generally get about 10 slabs out of one block.

Lay out the pieces of tofu on a dishtowel to allow them to drain.

Cover with a towel.  Place a large object on top of the tofu to help press out the water.  I’ll often use cookbooks.  Or in this case, a wooden cutting board and the crockpot (it was on the counter).

Let your tofu press for an hour or more.  Uncover and cut each tofu slab into small cubes.  I try to make mine pretty small – about 15 pieces per slab.

Fry the tofu with 1-2T. of olive oil over medium high heat, stirring occasionally.  After about 8-10 minutes you’ll notice the tofu starting to get crispy.  I can always tell because it starts to feel more firm and less mushy as I push it around the pan.  You want the tofu to kind of knock into each other and the sides of the pan.  Once it’s browned all over and crispy, shake in some soy sauce (maybe 2-3T.).  Stir it around for a bit.  Shake in nutritional yeast (3-4T.).  Stir around.  Let fry 3-5 minutes more, then remove from heat.

Delicious golden tofu nuggets.

Seriously, this is the best tofu I’ve ever had.  It’s hard not to eat them plain, straight from the pan.  We love them on salads, too.  They’re amazing!

Do you like tofu?  How do you like to eat it?

BIG thanks to Angela – without her recipe I never would have tried tofu like this!


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  1. I have never actually cooked with tofu. I’ll eat it when we go out and our Chinese food place has the most amazing coconut curry veggies with tofu, but other than that? I’m lost.

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