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let’s be friends: Lauren

I’m Lauren, a 32 year old stay at home mother to an amazing 16 month old toddler, Little Man. I live with my husband, Music Man (this year he became a Grammy Award winning mix engineer!!), our toddler, 2 dogs and 1 fish in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of LA. We bought our first home a few years ago and it seems like we’re always in the process of remodeling. The home was built in 1949, last remodeled in 1966. Popcorn ceilings, harvest gold linoleum, and miles of shag carpet were some of the downfalls of this home , but when I first set eyes on it I knew this was our home.

I love being a mom, being married to a wonderful man and having a perfect little family. I knew it would be amazing but it’s beyond that. It was also becoming a mother that made me realize it was time to start living a healthier lifestyle. I have always run, loved distance running especially, but I also REALLY LOVE to cook and eat.  And I found myself WAY overweight after the birth of my son. I’m finding better balance in my life these days. There is room for all my passions: cooking, eating, running, painting, interior design, reading…I could go on and on. I just make sure to set a little time
aside each day for my pursuits of happiness. And balance my vices and virtues.

My family and my son bring me joy. Experiencing the growth of a tiny human is amazing. My furry kids bring me tons of joy as well as disgusting surprises;) Running my first sub 8 mile this week brought me tons of joy, especially because this time last year I was just about 6 weeks back into running and lucky to break a 13 minute mile.

So one funny thing about me is that every time I eat a plain piece of bread I get the hiccups. And it’s pretty much the only time I get the hiccups. Weird. I also have an obsession with all things zombie. I collect old zombie films, zombie figurines, and I even have a zombie jello mold. I’m dying to run the Run For Your Lives zombie race next year, I hope there’s a location near LA.  And, this one time, at a marathon, I dressed up as Elvis.

I think that’s about it!

Be sure to check out Lauren’s blog and say hi!  And tell me, what’s one funny thing about you?  Here’s Leo’s – he likes to wait to finish pooping until he has a new diaper on.  Sometimes he doesn’t even wait til he’s odd the changing table to refill!


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