Remember my fool-proof way to get ice cream skin cancer bump that I got lopped off?  Last Thursday I went to the plastic surgeon and had the rest of the cells removed!  Once again the injection to the nose (to numb) hurt the worst (seriously, it stings like crazy).  The surgery itself only took about 10 minutes and the doctor and I talked about the Colts and Peyton Manning’s injury while he worked.  Fun times.  I left with a slightly sore nose and 4 big blue stitches:

Why have they not made flesh-colored stitch string?  Also, doesn’t it look like I’m going to snort up my cell phone in that picture?  Weird!

This morning I head back to the surgeon’s to have the biopsy results read (that they got all the cells out) and to have the stitches removed.  No more stitchface!

It’ll be so nice to be done with all the doctor visits (and co-pays!) soon!

Have you ever had surgery?  I don’t really count this as “surgery” since it was so minor.  But in high school when I broke my femur I had a rod and pin inserted – that was surgery!


3 thoughts on “stitchface

  1. How did you break your femur??!! That is no easy feat. Ouch!

    Congrats on having all the cells removed. That’s good news.

    I was just thinking I never had surgery, but duh, had to have an emergency c-section. Funny, I hadn’t really considered it surgery because it was like getting my wisdom teeth out; I was awake the whole time, there was a little bit of pressure-no pain, the whole thing took 7 minutes, and I was just sore for a few days and that was it.

  2. I was going to ask the same question about Lauren about your femur!

    Ha ha. You do look like you are about to snort up your phone.

    No surgery for me!

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