We started off the morning with some family reading time

and belly time.

We took a family picture on the porch

and walked downtown for lunch.

We stopped by the co-op and got a cookie, but Leo stole it and kept it for himself.

Major bummer.

For dinner we had carmelized onion black bean sauce.  It was okay, but needed some doctoring up for extra flavor!

What did you do yesterday?

Running talk, our weekly meal plan, and the reader recipe poll winner all coming up at lunch!


5 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. So cute! Looks like an awesome family day. Yesterday was the last day of our four day trip to Gainesville to visit my parents. We started off the day with a visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Butterfly Rainforest, had lunch back at mom and dad’s house, followed up by a late afternoon plane ride home to Dallas.

  2. That looks like an awesome day! Yesterday, I basically did nothing except get beat up by my chiro in preparation for next weekend’s marathon. My hip has been really tight & I can’t believe I pay this guy to dig is paws into my butt – but it works!

  3. Yes! Leo is already learning about the wonderful world of Skippyjon Jones! I’m so glad! There will be no disappointments, and I think the book can even be used as bribery for good behavior. He’ll want you reading it!

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