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4 miles!

I never thought I’d be so excited about 4 miles, but I sure am.  On Monday I hit 4 miles and at a 9:47 pace!  I had hoped to do 4 again this morning, but after a rough night with Leo, I did 3 miserable miles with lots of side stitches and walk breaks.  Maybe 4 can happen again tomorrow!

Gotta fuel the running!  Here’s our meal plan for the week:

  • carmelized onion black bean sauce (carryover from last week – it didn’t get made)
  • gnocchi with chard and white beans (ditto)
  • whole wheat triple cheese muffins
  • sesame cashew cauliflower quesdillas  (recipe and review Friday!)

The flavor was decent, but neither Dave or I really dug it.  We wanted a creamier sauce.  It just didn’t “wow” us.

We also had chickpea noodle soup.  As with every single recipe Mama Pea makes, it was delicious!  And so my love of chickpeas grows…

What are you making this week?  What recipes have you made lately that were winners?  Or maybe not so great?


6 thoughts on “4 miles!

  1. Last night I threw together a made up curry chick pea dish that was pretty yummy. Two cups of chick peas, tomato sauce and paste, some onions and garlic, and plenty of red curry, garam masala, and salt with a touch of cayenne. It was served over brown basmati rice. Yum!

  2. The carmelized onion black bean sauce-what do you eat it on? Saw a story on the news this morning about a pregnant runner who ran half/walked half of the chicago marathon and had her baby the next day-made me think of you!

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