first stroller run!

Leo and I embarked on our first stroller run this morning!  He found it positively thrilling…

Running with a stroller is going to take some practice.  It’s weird running with only one hand free and the other steering something!  Our run today was pretty short – 12 minutes – as my legs kindly reminded me “Hey, woman, you didn’t run for 5 months and now you’re going on 5 straight days of running.  Take it easy.”  So we walked for awhile, too!

Perks of a stroller – tons of holders!  It can hold pacifiers, water bottles, extra layers you shed when it gets hot, cell phones, the garage door opener, and, of course, super cute babies.

Unrelated to the run, but check out how gorgeous this tree is outside our house.  I love looking out the window at it!

What’s something you love looking at outside your windows?  (This question sounds kind of creeper-ish, doesn’t it?!?)


10 thoughts on “first stroller run!

  1. Kim at least you got the first ‘run’ with baby Leo done! You will get better at it!! Then it will be nothing!!

    I like looking at the trees and mailboxes. I like getting the mail before my mom does. Plus then I know who got mail hehe.

    Happy Thurs! Enjoy your afternoon/evening 🙂

  2. I was going to ask you if you had taken Leo running yet! I ran once with our neighbor’s kid in the stroller. I thought it was kind of fun.

    That tree is beautiful! I like watching the birds and people walk by (we have lots of crazies in our neighborhood).

  3. Do you think the stroller throws off your running gait? I’m worried about getting an expensive stroller if it’s just going to cause running injuries.

  4. The jogging stroller is a great resistance workout. When you get to run sans stroller you won’t believe how fast you can go.

    I used to love looking at my garden out the window but we’ve harvested so now its just a plot of dirt. But now I dream of next years potential when I look at that blank space.

  5. Goodness, he is cute! And you are such an awesome mom for taking him out!

    Running with the stroller is a lot different. I swear I had some weird pains the first few times because my gait wasn’t natural. You get used to it, though.

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