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Kim Appreciation

Today I asked for permission to “hack” into Kim’s account and write a guest post. But I told her that what I wrote would be a surprise. Amazingly enough, she agreed! Now that’s trust. 😉

So, here’s what I’m thinking. You guys are an amazing audience. I’ve consistently been blown away by all the comments, interaction, and support Kim’s received from her readers – even people she’s never met before! So if any group would be up for this challenge, you would.

How about we do a little “Kim Appreciation” together? If you’ve never commented before, this could be your chance.

What’s something you appreciate about Kim? It could be in regards to her writing, her running, a favorite recipe she’s posted, something about her character, a story you have about her, whatever. It’s pretty open ended.

Enjoy, and let’s show Kim some love!

Your “hacker” for the day,

Dave (and sidekick Mosie)


46 thoughts on “Kim Appreciation

  1. Kim, I appreciate that what you say on your blog is real. You are never showy or trying to paint a perfect picture of your life; you are real and open. You are such an amazing wife, mother and friend!

  2. I’ve never commented before, but I second Emily’s comments–I appreciate how genuine Kim’s writing is. Love it!

  3. Kim I appreciate the way you show love for not just your family and for your friends in real life, but for your blogger friends. You are funny, honest, truthful and if I’m having a bad day, your blog can make me smile. I would so love to come run a marathon with you one day.

  4. Kim, I’ve never met you but I have so enjoyed getting to know you through the blog and our emails to each other! You are a kind, caring, thoughtful person and I’m hoping one day we can meet in person with Leo and Emitt, I know it would be a blast!

  5. Kim, I love your blog! I love the honesty in it and I love how many different things you blog about, running, cooking, reading, life, Dave and Baby! Oh I am not a cat person but I enjoy reading about mosie too 😉

  6. Kim! I love that you’re so positive & upbeat, even when things don’t seem to be going your way. You remind me that nothing is the end, and to always look (& run!) forward!

  7. Kim – I’ve never met you but I love to hear your passion for health, and you motivate me to live a vegetarian lifestyle (even when I struggle from time to time) and make me want to get out there more and enjoy life!

  8. Kim, I’ve been your blogger “stalker” for months. Ever since my search engine was looking for a mac & cheese with cauliflower sauce recipe and led me to your blog! I read your blog daily and feel like you’re a member of my family. As a matter of fact, MY family and I cheered when we knew you had gone to the hospital to birth Leo…and we adore pictures of you, Dave, and Leo. My baby is 15 years old (10th grade) and I’ve experienced almost everything you’ve written about! From colic to my recent skin cancer removal, but I’ve never weighed in on the blog, because I didn’t feel comfortable? I love how positive you are about life, how complimentary you are of family, in-laws, friends, Dave (even racoons!) When you requested readers to get in touch with you, I sent an introductory e-mail and with no response, followed up with a second e-mail and still no response. My ego tells me that you may not be receiving the e-mails…reality tells me that you’re really concerned that a stranger could be so close. You’re a great writer with a wonderful wit and creativity. Your commentary has encouraged me to plan and cook better foods for my family, and to return to the kinder person that’s been hidden inside me while dealing with life’s stressors. You’re a gem…and I can tell from months of comments that your husband, family, and friends know it. Now you know that a stranger from Colorado (another Mile High reader) knows it too! Thank you for all you do for so many!!

  9. Kim, I have commented here and there, and I appreciate your willingness to be real. To be honest with us about your ups and downs in life. I appreciate your willingness to try new recipes. It is so encouraging to me to see a Christ-follower blog, even if they rarely talk about spirituality! Thank you so much for your dedication to your blog, husband, Mosie, Little L, running and eating well 🙂

  10. Aww, I love the pic of Dave and Mosie!

    I appreciate how much fun and laid back Kim is. She has a great outlook on life and is a positive person. I have a lot of negativity in my life and it’s refreshing to come here and get away from that. And Kim has a quirky sense of humor, like me!

    And I like that her name is Kim! 😛

  11. You’re one of my favorite persons and I so much enjoy the occasional in-person visits we get. My last visit with you was awesome and so relaxing and fun. Yea! I think you’re swell – especially since you’re my long lost twin, though each visit finds a few more differences between us. 🙂 (btw, I didn’t cry when I chopped my onion tonight!)

  12. Kim, I appreciate your loyal friendship and the honesty we can share. I’m so glad we met all those years ago in some or other literature class!

  13. I love that you try new recipes and review them – and post lots of pictures! I love that you update your blog regularly so I can keep in touch when far away. I appreciate your listening and counseling/question-asking qualities, and your honesty. I love and miss YOU!

  14. Kim, I’ve never met you but I appreciate your fresh attitude about life! I appreciate that you have shared your running/pregnancy/moomyhood with your readers. I’m a marathoner but I don’t have kids yet and I’m scared that I’ll have to give it up once a baby is on the way but reading your blog has made me thing it’s all possible still!! 🙂

  15. I love that Kim shares lots of vegetarian recipes. I love that Kim loves to run. Mostly importantly I love when Kim found out this vegetarian runner was pregnant she said I could email her anytime with questions I might have. 🙂

  16. Kim, you’re great! I knew that when we were in Bible study, even more so when we were roommates – and now so, when we “talk” through Blogs. You are an amazing Woman of God who loves her husband, her new baby boy, and loves LIFE. You have an incredible witty-ness about you – one that usually has me chuckling! Thanks for the laughs, the prayers, and the support in my own relationship. You are so giving of yourself, always. And to Dave – he’s a good one too. I love that he wants to make sure you’re loved – always.

  17. I love this idea – way to go Dave and Mosie!

    Kim – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog because you are so real. I wish we were next-door neighbors because I know we’d be great friends. You don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics and you give us a great little peek into your life. You are so upbeat about everything – even when things aren’t going exactly right. Plus, you’ve helped me gain some peace about my pregnancy in birth because you seem to be handling it so well. I’m so grateful for your blog.

  18. Thanks for the comments everyone; keep them coming if you haven’t chimed in yet! Kim has some incredible friends. Wow…what a blessing each of you are!

    I love you babe!

  19. I appreciate your kidney punches to me at work and for calling me out when you disagree with something I say and willing to continue to discuss the issue even if you know it sucks.

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