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the return of running!

5 months ago I ran my last real run at the Indianapolis Half Marathon.  My sister and two cousins ran, too.  At 5 and a half months pregnant, I ran a respectable 2:14:37, a 10:17 pace.

On Friday my doctor cleared me to run again, but to start small.  I asked her to define “small” since I was pretty sure my idea of small might not be her idea.  She said to start with 20 minutes and to see how I felt.  On Saturday I finally got to run!  I kind of wanted to stop every person I saw and tell them “this is my first time running again!” but thought that might be weird.  I was just so excited!  On Sunday I felt a little sore in my legs and abs, but ran again.  And yesterday I got to go again.  I’m so so so happy to be running and so so happy that my body is feeling really good.  No weird sensations that I might be shaking my uterus out of my body (That’s how the run at 4 weeks felt.  I immediately stopped.).  And other than some tight lungs that need some whipping into shape, I’m ready to go!  In fact, I think I’ll increase to 25 minutes today and see how it feels.  Here’s how my runs have shaped up so far:

  • Saturday: 2 miles @ 20:37, 10:15 pace
  • Sunday: 2 miles @ 20:31, 10:15 pace
  • Monday: 2 miles @ 19:57, 9:57 pace

I’m really pleased with my pace so far.  I know it will slow as I go longer, but I’m still happy to be in the low 10’s for just getting back to it.

Looking ahead: I may or may not do another race this year (I’m currently researching), but my goal is to run a half marathon by the end of October.  I’m going to do it on my own though, just around town.  I fully expect it to be slow.  I fully expect to walk part of it.  And I fully expect it to be very very late in October (like the 3oth or 31st).  But it’s a good goal for me to aim for and a way for me to get distance (my favorite!) while still easing back into running.

What are your October fitness goals?


9 thoughts on “the return of running!

  1. I’m very impressed with your pace after having been away from the running game for awhile! No doubt you’ll be back up to that 1/2 mary distance soon. Just don’t push it too fast and end up with shin spints or something crazy like that.

  2. You are doing great! My pace is just now back down in the 12’s. Being back at work it is getting harder and harder to find time to run 😦

  3. Yay yay yay! I am so happy for you! Shaking your uterus out? LOL! I would also have to check how to get back in to things with my doc… I am so happy you are taking it slow and it’s feeling so good!

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