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what’s for eating this week

Since I forgot the carrot souffle last week, I’m holding off on the reader recipe poll this week so I can get caught up!  Instead, here’s our meal plan for the week:

Awhile back I talked about how Dave and I were going to give tofu another try with Angela’s veggie cobb salad recipe.  We had this last week and it was amazing.  Dave and I loved the tofu (that’s a big deal for us!).  I think the key was cutting the tofu small and then allowing it to really get crispy.  The addition of the soy sauce and nutritional yeast gave the outside a nice crispy finish, too.  We’re definitely going to have this again!  It was so delicious!

Veggie cobb salads – with cheese, hardboiled egg, tomatoes, and tofu for me and cheese, avocado, tofu, and tomatoes for Dave.

What meals are you planning this week?


4 thoughts on “what’s for eating this week

  1. Looks like good eats, can’t wait to hear about the carrot souffle.

    Have you tried making tempeh bacon? I use that for my veggie Cobb and blt, the texture is great.

  2. Tofu and tempeh scare me as I have no idea how to cook them or what they taste like when prepared correctly. Maybe you could provide a tutorial, or point me in the right direction to learn more?

    This week is a short week as we are going to Florida on Thursday for a long weekend. On the agenda are crockpot chicken philly sheesesteaks and baked chicken with goat cheese and spinach. Last night was broiled scallops and raw asparagus and arugula salad.

    Love the weekly meal planning posts! That black bean sauce sounds yummy.

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