So it’s Friday morning and I totally forgot to make the reader recipe poll recipe this week!  Carrot souffle will be coming… maybe this weekend or early next week?  My bad!

We still had a stellar dinner last night of lemony chickpea pasta (recommended by Angela) and green beans.

I’m not normally a huge fan of chickpeas, but I’m starting to love them a little bit more.  First in chickpeas and dumplings and now in this!

After dinner we took a family fall walk!

I have my 6 week postpartum appointment today and I’m anxious to talk to my doctor about running!  I tried to run again yesterday.  It went much better than my first attempt, but I still felt some tightness in my low abs.  I kind of felt like I could probably run through the tightness (it felt like muscles I haven’t used in awhile… which I probably haven’t), but thought I should check with my doctor before I went ahead and did that!  Here’s hoping she says that’s normal and I can start running again!

Do you like chickpeas?  What’s your favorite chickpea recipe?

What are you up to this weekend?


3 thoughts on “oops…

  1. I am totally going to try that recipe! I LOVE chickpeas. We put them in everything. Our fave recipe is with couscous. I have it on google docs… do you have an email address I could share it with you there? We also have a bulgar salad with chickpea recipe that we love to0.

    And, true story. Yesterday Steven made chickpeas and I ate maybe two cups of them before they even cooled down. So good.

    I hope the doc says it’s okay to keep running! I bet you really miss it!

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