Carrot souffle won the reader recipe poll!  Recipe and review Friday morning!

Look what Leo has learned how to do!

His first smile was actually last Tuesday, while Dave and I were both looking down at him.  It only happened once, so we weren’t sure if it really was his first smile or not.  All last week we kept watching for more smiles and we’d see one or two a day, but they were fleeting!  They’re still pretty rare, but he’ll do a set of five or six in a row (often in the morning).  He’s often so serious or grumpy looking (as most babies are), that it’s pretty great to know he’s happy, too!  Leo is also starting to find his voice and to make little cooing noises.  So basically Dave and I spend a lot of our time hovering over Leo, trying to coax out a smile or coo!

Leo is 6 weeks on Friday, so I think I’ll try giving running another try this week.  I have my plastic surgeon appointment for my nose tomorrow, but maybe Thursday I can try a run?  I’m hopeful that I’m ready now!

What has you smiling this week?


4 thoughts on “smiling!

  1. When you texted me that picture of him it made me smile! I also framed a picture of him in my living room. 🙂 A new purse and brinner (breakfast for dinner) at small group have made my week thus far.

  2. Aww, Leo has me smiling! I love that you hover trying to get him to make noise/smile. I would too!

    Good luck with your appointment tomorrow 🙂

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