nose job

I’ve talked about it a little bit on the blog, and you’ve probably noticed it in pictures, but I’ve had a bump on the side of my nose since about April of this year.

See the bump?  The lovely wart-looking bump?  (Also, see the supercute tiny little baby Leo who is already so much bigger than that?)

The bump started earlier this year as a smaller spot (I thought it was a zit) that wouldn’t heal and go away.  Every time I would blow my nose it would open the spot up and it would bleed, making it very difficult for it to heal.  I started putting coconut oil on it and it finally closed up and stopped bleeding.  Victory!  Except I still had a very large, wart-like bump on my nose.  Not attractive or fun.  In early August I finally realized I should ask my doctor about it (duh…).  She thought it was a situation where my skin had overhealed itself and sent me to a dermatologist.  Two weeks ago I went to the dermatologist, who numbed my nose (that stung!) and lopped off the little bump for a biopsy.  Then he gave me a giant band-aid so it would, in his words, “look better.”

Band-aid face is debatable in terms of “looking better.”

Of course, after my “surgery” I needed ice cream.  At 10am.

On Tuesday the biopsy results came back.  My little warty bump was/is actually basal cell carcinoma, a non-life-threatening form of skin cancer.  My treatment is simple – have the rest of the cells removed on my nose, then have a follow-up check in December with my dermatologist.  And probably after that I’ll have to return to the dermatologist twice a year for checks, at least for a little bit.

But because of my age and since the spot is on my face, the dermatologist is sending me to a plastic surgeon.  I feel so Hollywood!

In the meantime, the spot has healed really well and is a lot less noticeable!  Hooray!  And I’ve found a new way to convince Dave for more ice cream… “but I’m a cancer victim…”


8 thoughts on “nose job

  1. Glad everything is okay! I actually had plastic surgery on my nose before my freshman year of high school – I had a cyst that they removed – what an experience! My freshman cross country pics are me with stiches in my nose, near my eye – and squinting – so awful. He was a ‘real’ plastic surgeon though – apparently he eventually moved to Las Vegas so he could have more business! 😉

  2. I’m so, so glad to hear it’s nothing worse! I was referred to a plastic as well, and my scars are soooo minimal and will continue to fade. Ice cream recovery is definitely ok 🙂

  3. I feel a little guilty about laughing at your statement, “but I’m a cancer victim,” but it did make me laugh. Glad you had it checked it out and that it’s A-okay! I need to come for a visit. I need to meet Little Leo.

  4. So sorry to hear about this, but glad it’s all ok! No one wants to hear that C word, no matter if it’s serious or not so serious. Will keep you in my prayers for it to stay not so serious!

  5. I noticed this bump and being a good boss said nothing. I actually thought it was a result of your previous nose ring you hand and not don’t have. Next time I will point to every facial issue you have and ask awkward questions.

  6. makes me realize I need to get the little bump on my chest looked at. Started just like yours. Has now just been this little annoying bump. I need to get the doctor. Glad everything is ok for you and that you get to eat more ice cream 🙂

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