beans beans beans!

My friend Melissa is here from Iowa to visit!  She came in yesterday and is here today, too.  We’ve had lots of fun hanging with Leo, going for walks, watching movies, and cooking!

Melissa came with groceries for me from my FAVORITE place: Stringtown Market!

  • 7lbs. black beans
  • 5lbs. split peas
  • 4lbs. barley
  • 7lbs. kidney beans
  • 7lbs. white beans
  • 2lbs. lentils

We already used the split peas to make split pea soup (lunch yesterday) and some of the red beans for chili last night (a version of slightly spicy veggie chili – we put cooking sherry in the mix and it was awesome).

We’re about to start another movie!

What’s your favorite bean?  I love white beans – they’re so silky and soft!  Melissa loves black beans.  Leo isn’t a huge fan of split peas – they make him a little gassy.


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