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pa got pooped on

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On Saturday Dave and I gave Leo a bath.  He still hates baths and screams a lot, but maybe eventually he’ll warm up to them.  If not, oh well.  Anyhow, after the bath I handed Leo to Dave, who wrapped him up in a towel.  We like to snuggle him as he dries off, but generally only do this for 2-3 minutes, as we want to get a diaper on him as fast as possible (I’ve heard way too many baby + bath + pee all over stories).  We were just about to leave the bathroom to head to the changing table when Leo gave a burp and then a giant squirt!

Poop came out of the towel, down Dave’s shirt, his jeans, and onto his shoe, the bathmat, and the floor.  Both of us just looked in disbelief and then cracked up.  It was too funny!  I grabbed Leo to clean him up while Dave changed and wiped up the bathroom.

Looking innocent:

What’s an “oh no!” moment that’s happened to you recently?


5 thoughts on “pa got pooped on

  1. Oh my goodness – that’s hilarious! Laughing is all you can do in those situations. Miles used to HATE baths but now has warmed up to them. We started using Aveeno lavender bath, which he seems to like. He also likes peeing in the tub 🙂

  2. I think baths start to be fun around 8 weeks… But that all seems so long ago. My favorite oh no moment was when I let our then 12 month run around naked after his bath and he squatted on the hall rug and did his business. Funny when he has accidents but I’m never as amused when the dogs do 😉

  3. That is awesome! It was bound to happen sooner or later, right?

    I had an Oh No moment today when I dropped the backing to my earring! But I did not lost the diamond stud itself. Phew!

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