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running trial and meal plan for the week

I tried running this weekend!

I made it about 5 steps.

I could instantly feel a lot of uncomfortable pulling/aching/tugging in my low abs/pelvis, so I immediately started walking.  The uncomfortable feeling went away as soon as I started walking, so I figured that was a pretty good indicator that my body isn’t ready for running quite yet (I did try one more small bout of running just to make sure it wasn’t discomfort from not running in awhile, but it definitely wasn’t).  I’ll give it another week and then try again.  In the meantime, more walks with Leo!

Leo is still fighting the probiotics like a mad-man.  Agenda for the day: find a bigger dropper!

Also on tap for today: grocery shopping!  Here’s the meal plan for the week:

I’m also tempted to make another deep dish cookie pie… except I’m not sure it’s good for that to live in the same house as I do.  I tend to hoss it down pretty quickly!

What’s on your meal plan for the week?  I love new ideas!


14 thoughts on “running trial and meal plan for the week

  1. A friend of mine was always bringing in this yummy dish to work. Its called Easy Skillet Cabbage. I finally got the recipe a few weeks ago.

    olive oil, 1/2 tsp season salt, cabbage 1/4 cup chopped onion, 3 Tbsp vinegar, tbsp sugar, and finally whatever protein you choose. (she usually uses chicken but I am a fan of pinto beans or black beans)

    Heat oil and add cabbage and onion. sprinkle with season salt cook and cover for about 15 minutes. String frequently. Mix vinegar and sugar then add to cabbage (this is where I add the beans (or other protein). Cook for about 5 minutes longer.

    This next time I am going to try to saute the onions first. I am also going to try to add some cut up red peppers with the onion. The meal is very easy to make and very cheap too. Also REALLY YUMMY!

    I have got to try that zucchini leek pasta dish!

  2. Sorry about the pain when you tried to run, but it doesn’t surprise me given you just had Leo four weeks ago. I am sure it won’t be long until you are able to run again though, and for now you can at least enjoy walks with him!

    On the menu this week (separately, not together): Thai chicken wraps
    and Roasted Vegetable Salad with garlic vinaigrette. If you like goat cheese, try this salad!
    I also made this Greek quesadilla on Friday night and thought it was AMAZING.
    I want to try the leek and zuchinni pasta, but tofu scares me.

  3. Walking is still great exercise! Another recovery week won’t hurt. I made chili on Friday to celebrate the cooler weather. Of course its going to be 95 in Los Angeles today. I have red bean stew, spinach pie, and veggie pizza on the menu this week. The pasta dishes you have sound so yummy I may add them to my menu as well!

  4. I like the new meal plan feature – the links are great! Would you consider giving a brief round-up at the end of the week (or maybe once a month) of stuff you guys tried for the first time, what you liked or didn’t like, and what you’d change?

  5. Good job on listening to your body and doing as it says. Most people, including me, would have just ran through it.

    On the meal front, I only have one meal planned this week and that’s roast beef on Tuesday. Since Bug has soccer practice until 6:30, I like to use my crock pot on those days. It makes meal time easy.

  6. You should try tempeh, I like it better than tofu. I made a sausage (could use veggie crumbles),bean,spinach dip last night-delicious! Baking apple butterscotch brownies tonight to take to small group tom night. Chicken/corn chili and breakfast casserole also on my menu.

  7. Tomorrow is crock pot chicken tacos with red beans 🙂

    saute ground chicken with taco seasoning
    put in a slow cooked with 2 cans of red beans (add tomatoes -optional)
    cook on low for 6 hours. Then just assemble all your taco goodies 🙂 YUM!

    Just an FYI, I couldn’t exercise for almost 6 weeks without pulling or tugging. DEF. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

  8. Did you find a bigger dropper? If not go to your local pharmacy and ask for one. We have some from when Miles has been on antibiotics and they are nice big droppers. They will probably just give you one for free.

    I’m glad you listened to your bod. You have plenty of time to run, take it easy for as long as you need to. I ended up only walking for the first 8 or 9 weeks I think before my body could handle the impact of running. You’re doing great!

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