we need a bigger dropper

As I mentioned earlier this week, Leo’s been on probiotics to help with digestive issues/colic.  Unfortunately, he really doesn’t seem to like the taste of the probiotics and he fights drinking them every morning (we mix in 1/4t. to 1oz. of pumped breastmilk).  Wednesday it took about 30-45 minutes to get him to drink the ounce.  And this morning he would only take 3 swallows.  Stubborn!

So after an hour and still no probiotics down the gullet, we took measures into our own hands.  Using a tiny 1mL dropper, we squirted the milk into his mouth.  Leo drank this just fine – no spitting it back up!

Do you know how many millilters there are in 1 ounce?  Thirty.

That’s a lot of dropperfulls to squirt in a little buddy’s mouth.

We need a bigger dropper, because Leo has definitely decided he’s CONbiotic about PRObiotics!

(But who could be mad at that little face??)


10 thoughts on “we need a bigger dropper

  1. KIm- just wait till you have to wrestle them to the ground to get the medicine in them and they cry and yell (and you feel so bad)- but you have to get it in them.

    Jack is horrible. He will refuse to swallow things now. Plugging his nose and mouth don’t even work. Thanks goodness his current medicine can be crushed and put in a swallow of OJ. He thinks getting his OJ is a treat. Hope that lasts.

    The joys of parent hood!

    1. Laura, You know mom would say that Jack is getting back at revenge for all the times you refused to take medicine/gagged for her! I am sorry he is like that, but I do find it a bit ironic since you apparently gave mom lots of trouble with this yourself :-).

      Kim, Laura is so right. While you can still completely control Leo things are much easier than when you have to fight them with your body. I hope he gets the hang of the probiotics soon! P.S. That last photos is completely precious.

  2. Poor little Leo! We have a syringe-ish thing that we use to give Miles Colic Calm. It works like a charm but, strangely, Miles loves Colic Calm … so I’ve been of no help. Anyways, hope you find a fat dropper to help you out 🙂

  3. I love reading your updates about Little Leo. But I will say sometimes they scary me! 😉

    I remember one of your posts where you said, “he cried for three hours and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong” That was right after i found out about our big surprise and I was like, “oh boy” because I know I am probably going to have similar stories to share. 🙂

    Leo is such a cutie!

  4. Poor little guy! Try the CVS Pharmacy, I know the have a 5mL dropper at least! 🙂 you might have to ask the pharmacist, they are probably behind the counter.

  5. We have a 10mL syringe from CVS. Brian said to ask the pharmacist and they’ll probably give it to you for free. Do you have to mix it with milk, or could you just shoot it down plain? I just wondered if you were the using the syringe, you could just give him the 1/4t and be done?

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