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There’s been a lot of fuss-gussing in the house this week.  On Monday Leo really fought his daytime naps, pretty much only napping if he was in my arms.  Cute and cuddly, yes.  Conducive to getting anything done and having him learn to sleep on his own, not so much.  Monday night Leo slept okay – he woke up every 2 hours to eat, which was a lot (he normally goes 3-4 hours), but I thought maybe he was going through a growth spurt.  Tuesday morning I noticed he had some crustiness around his eye.  Tuesday during the day he continued to fight sleep.  During feedings – still every 2 hours – he would latch on and off, crying, and he was really restless when he was awake.  I called the doctor, thinking maybe something with his eye was bothering him.  Tuesday afternoon we got in to the doctor’s.  She checked Leo over and declared him healthy – the eye crusty was just a blocked tear duct and would clear up on its own.  But the fussiness, she thought, could be the development of colic, as colic tends to show up around the third week.

Our doctor told us that probiotics have been shown to help reduce colic (they think colic is caused by stomach discomfort in babies due to immature digestive systems) and suggested we pick some up for Leo.

Powdery probiotic goodness (in a terribly blurry picture).  We mix in a 1/4t. to a bottle of breastmilk every day for Leo.  Leo’s very own infant probiotic milkshake.

Leo took his first dose this morning – not without a lot of fighting and crying.  I thought maybe he didn’t like the taste, but since he initially fights a lot of his feedings right now, it’s hard to tell.  The doctor said it could take a few days to work, but we’re hopeful it’ll help things out.

And we’re not 100% sure it is colic.  Maybe Leo’s just having a fussy week.  Most colicky babies cry struggle in the late afternoon/evening, but Leo’s fussy time seems to be the mornings.  In any case, colic or not, the probiotics can’t hurt Leo (and really can only help his stomach), so we’re happy to give them to him.  We’ll see what happens!

Do you eat probiotics?  They’re good for adults, too!


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  1. I hope it works! I, too, take probiotics every day, but in pill form. I have nothing but good things to say about them!

  2. Oh bummer, Little Leo. You’re not feeling good? Your buddy, Elias, didn’t feel good either when he ate sometimes. I hope you feel better so that your mommy can get things done and feel rested and so that you’re a happy buddy. (Your friend sometimes had mylocin drops when he acted like his tummy was upset and that helped him. But also, it just seems like starting life can be kind of rough on you little dudes.) Oh, and Elias would like to welcome you to the blocked tear duct club; he was in it, too, but got kicked out when his eye cleared up on its own.

  3. We are big fans of probiotics in our household. We’re all about the healthy bugs in our guts and we plan on dosing our baby with them too. Holistic health people advocate for them right away in a baby’s life! I hope they help little Leo!

  4. Did your pediatrician recommend squirting breast milk in Leo’s eye? I know it sounds perverse but it will clear it up in a day as opposed to a few days. Breast milk also clears up infant acne, cradle cap and helps diaper rash. I was skeptical at first but it is an absolute cure all.

  5. hi welcome to my world my 3rd week in…gwen was the same…not colic though, just realizing that sleeping in arms is more fun than in a bed. They are smart little babies that is for sure!!!!!!!!! Don’t eat eggs…they are way gassy. I remember eating them with adalynn and she was a mess:) haha! anyway, hope he gets over his fussiness…I just remember the first 2 weeks were great because they slept so much, but the 3rd week hit and they decided that sleeping was overrated! Prayers to you! You are such a good mama!

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