poor mosie!

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Mosie’s had a rough 3 weeks.  There are 3 things about the last 3 weeks that Mosie has really disliked:

  • there’s a baby in the house
  • Mosie gets less attention
  • the baby cries – sometimes very loudly
In general, Mosie is pretty indifferent to Leo.  She’ll look at him from across the room, but she’s not too interested in him.  When he cries she’ll come in the room and meow, as if trying to say, “please, for the love, make that noise stop.”

Yesterday, things got even worse.  Mosie went to the vet.

It was just her annual exam, but she hated being put in the box to go.  It took both Dave and I three different attempts before we got her in and the lid closed.  It probably didn’t help that Leo was wailing at this point, further grating on Mosie’s nerves!

Mosie’s check-up went well.  We were actually only in the vet’s office for 12 minutes total.  Turns out Mosie actually lost a little bit of weight from last year – she’s now 6.75lbs. (she was 7lbs. last year).  Dave and I attribute the weight loss to baby stress.  She doesn’t have fleas and took her two vaccines like a champ.

Once Mosie got home we rewarded her with lots of loving and some cat treats.  Leo was having some grandma time with Dave’s mom, so Mosie even got a baby-free house for a little bit!

I know our tale wasn’t that adventurous, but do you have any funny pet vet stories?


7 thoughts on “poor mosie!

  1. I was actually reading one of the pregnancy books the doctor gave me and there is a section in there about introducing pets to a new baby. One of the suggestions was to start paying less attention to the animals as you get closer to delivery. That is going to be hard for me to do. 😦

  2. Awww, poor Mosie! My older cat gets so worked up going to the vet that she always pees on herself. We get to the vet and she’s a stinky, worked-up mess. 😦 I’ve found that closing the door on the cat carrier and unscrewing the top screws and putting them in/taking them out with the lid off of the carrier helps the process a little bit! I also wrap her in a towel before putting her in there, helps control the crazy-paw-flailing and makes it a little more comfy.

  3. Aww, I hope week gets better for Mosie!

    I have two good vet stories:

    1. Whenever we take Data we put a little fake cat tie around his neck so he looks professional. The vets always get a kick out of it.

    2. Last time we took him, he was acting very strange. He was growling on the table, which is unusual for him (he is normally chill). Eventually he went on the floor and squatted and pooped! He just had to poo, then he was fine! Ha ha!

  4. Aw poor Mosie! 😦 My cats were pretty similar to Mosie in regards to Tyler — fairly indifferent except when he was crying. Before Tyler was born was a whole ‘nother story! I’m fairly certain Marley (our tiger cat) didn’t even realize I was pregnant except for the fact that she couldn’t sit on my lap anymore. (She’s a smart one, that cat). Zoe (our diluted tortie) on the other hand, gave herself 2 bladder infections, both of which took at least a month to clear up. So both cats were “banished” to the basement (where their food and litter are — and don’t worry, it’s carpeted/furnished, so it’s not like they were freezing in a cold, dark basement for 2-3 months…) Can you tell Zoe is our neurotic cat?

    One thing that I’ve done with the cat carrier that seems to work is to leave it open the day or two before it’s needed. That way they can explore it at their leisure without flipping out (as much. Zoe still is unhappy when she has to go in her carrier, but she’ll tolerate it better.)

    Good luck!

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