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The winner of the reader recipe poll is deep dish cookie pie.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

Last week I talked about planning out the meals for the week.  Here’s the plan for this week!

I‘m actually headed to Ohio on Friday, so I’m not sure all of those will get made.  But they’re at least planned for and I have the groceries!  Whatever doesn’t get made this week will get rolled to next week.

Would you guys want to see my weekly meal plans?  I can try to post them every week if that would be interesting.

What’s on your meal plan for the week?


6 thoughts on “dinner plans

  1. Yes! I want to see your weekly meal plan, it will help me plan mine when I am in a rut. 🙂 I typically plan 3 – 4 meals for the week and then count on left overs and eggs and toast to fill in when needed. This week is butternut squash mac n cheese, bean and corn quesadillas and last night I made your chickpea and dumpling recipe – we all loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes! Please share your meals and links to recipes (when available). I love bring inspired by your creations! We have mostly leftovers (from the weekend, my parents were here and we grilled out a lot) on the plan for this week. But Scott will be out of town this weekend, which lends to flexibility on my part to be creative with my cooking for one adventures! Planning for the weekend yet to come…

  3. I would love to see your meal plans. My husband is working all evenings for the next month so I’m kinda going with the flow. I know I’ll make a ww spinach pizza, brown rice pasta with broccoli, and Veggie burgers and oven fries. The rest of my meals will be toddler oriented so lots of ww pasta & veggies, his favorites.

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