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reader recipe poll: chickpeas and dumplings

Forgive me for the totally horrible picture – it does no justice to the actual food!

I followed Mama Pea’s recipe almost exactly, except my dumplings were non-vegan and I added a little more milk to mine.  This recipe was awesome!  I haven’t really had chicken and dumplings before, but I don’t ever feel a need to after having this.  It was so so good!  Warm, doughy, hearty comfort food.  I will definitely make this again.  It also came together really quickly – in about 30 minutes total from cutting veggies to actual meal preparation.  Dave and I both loved it!

What’s your favorite comfort food?


One thought on “reader recipe poll: chickpeas and dumplings

  1. Oh yum. I need to make that! With the cooler weather we have been craving warm foods. We made vegan chili last night!

    My fave comfort food is pasta!

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