moby wrap

When we were making our baby registry, I intentionally registered for a sling instead of a Moby wrap.  The sling looked a lot easier to use!  However, right now, Leo doesn’t like the sling – he wants to be up and looking around.  I think eventually he’ll like the sling, but til then, we got a Moby wrap to hold us over.

At first I was intimidated by the yards and yards of fabric.  But the wrap was surprisingly easy to put on.  Good news: Leo loved it.  He immediately fell asleep!  Also good news: it’s crazy comfortable!

What’s something you said you wouldn’t buy or read or get into and then you totally did?


7 thoughts on “moby wrap

  1. The Harry Potter books and movies. I found myself flying through the pages and then rewatching the movies with my oldest. I’m now a Harry Potter fan and it’s all over 😦

  2. Kim, you look so cute! And that thing looks crazy complicated.

    I didn’t think I would like Chrome or gmail and now I am in love. My husband thinks it’s funny because I used to smack talk gmail.

  3. I think I really want one of these for my next baby. It just looks so snuggly to have the baby close and comfy!

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