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Last night we had meatless meatloaf muffins for dinner!

I’m finding getting dinner ready isn’t too difficult, as long as I plan ahead and start early.  For these, I prepped the beans early in the day, then while Leo was napping in the late afternoon, mixed them up and got them in the muffin tins.  Leo woke up at 4:45pm, but it wasn’t a problem because they were already made!  Unfortunately, I hadn’t prepped the green beans ahead of time, but I was able to snap the ends off while still holding Leo.  At 5:15 I stuck them in the oven and got the beans steaming and voila!  Dinner at 5:3opm, right on time!

My plan for the coming weeks is to make a meal plan and grocery list a week in advance.  I’ll know what days we’re having what meals, what days we’re having leftovers, etc.  That way I can know early in the morning what I need to do to prep for dinner.  I’m sure there will still be some days where it’s 5:30 and dinner is nowhere near ready, but that’s what pizza is for, right?!  (Note to self: make sure there are some days where dinner is not ready so pizza can be had…)

Do you meal plan for the week or fly by the seat of your pants?  I always just did it spontaneously.


6 thoughts on “planning dinner

  1. Your dinner looks great! I make a monthly meal plan. It’s usually a challenge to come up with the last 5 but it’s also a great way for me to test out new recipes! We don’t always stick to the plan, but it does help with grocery lists and our budget (less eating!)

  2. Meal plan and grocery shop, usually 2x a week. Once over the weekend to prep for the week, and once on Friday to prep for the weekend. Meals during the week are simpler (quicker to get on the table) and more kid-friendly. The weekends are when I have time to play around and be creative, try new recipes, etc.

  3. Yum. That looks super tasty. I usually plan for 4 meals each week and then have throw together easy meal ingredients for the remaing days like whole wheat pasta or veggie quesadillas. I’d love to plan for the month but I don’t think I’m organized enough for that.

  4. I try to have a list of meal ideas for two weeks at a time and make sure I have the groceries for it. I don’t do well with assigning a meal for a specific day because I usually have some reason why I don’t want to eat it that day. So I pick from the list that day and make it. When I do that, it works well for me. I also have a few quick stand-bys when I’m running low on time and don’t feel creative in the kitchen.

  5. I must plan meals ahead! If I don’t, you can count on me not having all the ingredients I need. 😦 It’s actually kind of detoxing for me.

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