I’ve gotten a little ambitious in the kitchen this morning.

Black beans in the slow cooker (I swear there are beans under there):

Cracked wheat cooked up and ready to be added to bread dough (which I still have to make):

And a crap-ton of carrots that I’m blanching to freeze (this is probably six cups worth… and it’s only half of the carrots… maybe less than half):

I’m hoping to make some carrot cake (thanks for the recipe, Kel!) this afternoon with some of the remaining carrots.

And a friend from church just dropped off a bunch of awesome fresh-from-her-garden vegetables… they’re begging to be made into a soup or a stir fry!

Let’s hope Leo continues to nap well this afternoon, or there might be gluey cracked wheat still in the pot and half-prepped carrots.  At least the beans will take care of themselves (although the rest of dinner won’t)!  I think I’ll leave the garden veggies for tomorrow…

What have you been ambitious about lately?


One thought on “ambition

  1. I have been trying to continually be reading a book. Once one is done I start the next one on my list, if not that same day then the next. I want to make a dent in that long long long list of books that need…and beg to be read.

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