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beach day!

Yesterday Dave and Leo and I drove up to St. Joseph, Michigan, for a day at the beach!

It was windy and surprisingly chilly, so we walked around a little bit, then drove downtown.  We ended up hanging out in a coffee shop, reading.  There might have been ice cream involved, too.

Other notables of the day: my first “public” breastfeeding session (under a blanket, of course).  Slightly stressful, but I’m sure will get easier.  Leo’s first diaper blow-out (love that he timed it for when we were away from home… luckily we were prepared).

It was an awesome day off and day away!  And Leo was a champ at eating and sleeping despite the new surroundings.  Loved our family day!

What did you do for Labor Day?


8 thoughts on “beach day!

  1. Love that you took a mini getaway. Sounds like a fun day! I was totally lazy, slept in until noon (concert Sunday night), made omelettes and French toast with the boy, watched tennis, then took a nap. Perfectly lazy and just what I needed!

  2. Next time you make it up to SJ you should let me know! It sounds like you had a great time, despite the cold temps (we were in Muskegon and BRRR it was cold on the lakeshore!).

  3. Lovely family! Leo is a cutie, and you are positively beaming in the photo of Leo and you with the ice cream. Motherhood looks good on you!

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