big day

Yesterday was a big day around here.  It started off with an awesome omelet by Dave:

Spinach, feta, tomato, and tomato sauce.

Then I wore non-elasticized pants for the first time in a loooong time (maybe December?  And even then I was wearing a rubberband around the button.).  A button and a zipper never felt so good.

It was also a big day because of this:

Initially Dave and I were hoping to be pacifier-free.  For the first week, Leo slept great on his own.  This second week, when he started showing his fussy side, it got a little more difficult.  Turns out Leo looooves to suck.  He constantly wants his hands, but since he can’t really control them yet, he just gets angry as they go in and out of his mouth.  Dave and I also really want Leo to be able to go to sleep by himself, not being rocked or held.  But when we tried to put him down when he was sleepy but not asleep, he would scream and scream, anxious for something to suck on.  We were having a really hard time establishing any sort of routine or schedule with him because unless he was held to sleep, he wouldn’t nap, which made him fussy, which made him want to feed but he wasn’t really hungry (because he wanted to suck).

First try with the pacifier and we put him down when he was sleepy.  He started to cry, we put in the pacifier, and he immediately stopped crying and fell asleep.  On his own.  He also ate every 3 hours today, as if on cue, instead of his normal 2 hours, or 2.5 hours, or 3 hours.  Love that!  We’re planning on the pacifier being a just “in the crib” thing to help him sleep and stay asleep, but not become a necessary part of his wake time.

Another part of our big day?  Delicious dinner!

We used produce from the farmer’s market and tossed soba noodles together with zucchini, leeks, and garlic in a white wine sauce.

After our fuss gus day, yesterday was much more happy.  Leo slept well and nursed well.  I got some thank you notes written and laundry done and Dave and I even had time to watch a movie together!


7 thoughts on “big day

  1. It’s great to hear all of these positive vibes coming from you in week 2! What pros you and Dave are! And homemade meals too – impressive! Cute, cute Leo!

    I would not worry one bit about using a pacifier with a newborn. Everything you wrote makes complete sense, and if using one calms Leo down at this young stage then it’s worth trying. For what it’s worth (and each baby is different), each of my kids used a pacifier for the first two or three months and then showed little interest in one after that. I know the anti-paci nazis say that using one will ruin all sorts of things and that it will be SO hard to get your kid to give it up, but I completely disagree. Either your kid (in the case of mine) or you as the parents will decide when the pacifier isn’t right anymore, and then it can simply go away.

    Quick story about giving up the paci – John showed very little interest in his, though occasionally it would soothe him during the first six weeks or so. Fast forward to when John three months and we were traveling with the kids via plane. I threw the paci in the diaper bag just in case. Well, John was big time fussy on the plane ride (screamed almost the entire time), and in desperation I remember pulling the pacifer out and trying to stuff it in his mouth to calm him down. Didn’t work. He repeatedly spit it out and refused to take it, never calming him down. What I wouldn’t have given for John to LOVE the paci at that moment!

  2. Sounds like you guys are figuring it out! My son cried for the first 4 months non stop. literally, I was the mom who had to put her screaming baby in the crib and go outside and talk to the nurse in order to feel OK with it. Also, I tried everything in the book and really I just found that I needed to figure out what Peter needed and what I could handle. Then as they get older it all works itself out. Good luck and you guys are doing an amazing job!

  3. My nephew seemed hooked on the pacifier and it really was a constant but then at about 5 months he was over it and pretty much weaned himself off of it. A happy baby makes for happy parents. Yay for the binky!

  4. awesome! i can so relate – we were those parents too that wanted to be pacifier free – it took us 5 weeks to figure it out and i swear i nursed like 20% less the next day! i am SO excited that you have found some relief! and it sounds like leo has too 🙂

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