the first week

The first week with Leo had its ups and downs and surprises, but overall went really well.  Dave and I have been surprised (and happy!) about how naturally Leo has fit in – it hasn’t felt like a huge life adjustment, but like a puzzle piece just snapping in with us.

Last week, Leo’s first week, we had a few milestones:

  • 3 bilirubin tests at the hospital (blood draw heel pricks) because Leo was a little jaundiced.  His numbers started coming down on Wednesday and his color is back to normal now.  He’s also more alert/awake (high bilirubin counts make babies sleepier).  We’re happy we don’t have to do more heel pricks – Leo got SO angry about having his foot held!
  • On Thursday Leo got circumcised.  Not fun for him, but luckily the little dude handled it like a champ.  We didn’t even have to give him tylenol because he never seemed uncomfortable, except for when we changed his diaper.  We had to put vaseline around the incision spot and this made him MAD, mostly because it involved his legs being held (see the bilirubin tests above) so he wouldn’t make a mess.  It apparently also stimulated him to pee and sometimes poop, which meant diaper changes took longer and were often pretty funny.  We don’t have to do vaseline anymore (yay!) so diaper changes should be less eventful… and create less laundry.
  • On Thursday Leo also got his frenulum clipped.  The frenulum is the membrane that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.  Leo’s went from the tip of his tongue to the bottom of the mouth (normal frenulums go from the middle of the tongue down).  The doctor said this could lead to a lisp later on and possibly could interfere with his latching on for breastfeeding.  The actual clipping of it didn’t hurt Leo at all and he was nursing just fine 20 minutes after it was done.
  • First (sponge) bath!  Leo lost his umbilical cord on Sunday, so a real bath will be in the near future!

  • Our first walk!  A short one – to the library, down to the park, and back home.  We might have stayed out longer but somebody was filling his pants (hint: it wasn’t Dave and it wasn’t me).

  • First bits of screaming rage.  On Thursday and Friday nights Leo showed us how angry he could be – screaming for 3 hours or so from 9-12.  We’re not sure what exactly the issue was – maybe gas? – but we’ve since found that swaddling him seems to calm him down pretty fast.  The last two nights we’ve managed to avoid the cryfest.
  • First long(er) distance car ride – 45 minutes to take Oma (my mom) to the airport.  We are all really sad to see her go!  She was fun to have around, is known as “the baby whisperer”, did laundry and cleaned for us, and got the tub and stovetop brand-new looking.

  • Lots and lots of cuddling!

I’ll be posting this week, but maybe not regularly yet.  Dave is home this week, too, so it’s family week!  We’re off for a walk!


8 thoughts on “the first week

  1. Congrats on week one! Sounds like you guys are handling it all like champs, I’m so proud of you! How’s sleep and breastfeeding going? I hope super great! Thinking of you often!

  2. I was on vacation this past week so missed your posts….so happy to come back and see all of this wonderful-ness! 🙂 Congrats on first week going well, you look great and Leo is super cute!

  3. Awww, I love that you already went on a family walk! And that you call your mom the Baby Whisperer. Ha! And please ask her the secret to getting a stove top clean – mine is a disaster.

    The bit about the frenulum is really interesting! I imagine back in the day (with “back in the day” being said in a funny tone, because I am not that old) that they didn’t even notice stuff like that! How cool that docs can take care of stuff like that now.

    Stupid question – is Leo using disposable or cloth diapers now? Was it you that said you use the disposable ones first?

    I am so happy the first week went so well!

    P.S. I saw Jen this week and we were talking about how beautiful Leo is 🙂

    1. My mom used something called “barkeep’s friend” – I didn’t even know I had it. She used it on the stove and the tub and both came out brand-new looking!

      Leo is in disposable right now. With circumcision and adjusting at home, we’ve gone disposable for the short route. We’ll switch to cloth diapers once this box of disposables is gone.

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