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the most important “first”

Leo had his most important “first” the other night:

First trip for ice cream!

Mom, dad, Dave, Leo, and I drove 20 minutes to Milford, Indiana.  The ice cream place there, Scoops, has some really delicious ice cream (brought in from South Haven, Michigan).  So worth the drive.  I had chocomania and peanut butter cup.  Mom got the blackberry and it tasted like straight up blackberries (the schnauzberries taste like schnauzberries!).

What would be an important “first” in your family?


9 thoughts on “the most important “first”

  1. first time going mushroom hunting, first time going to (or watching with dad) a notre dame game, first time going to the zoo (yay last Friday!)…hm…so many!

    you guys are so cute!

  2. Love the ice cream in the baby seat photo! An important first for my dad was taking Amelia to her first baseball game, a minor league game in Durham, NC, when she was six weeks old. She slept through most of the game and we took a photo of her sleeping in the carrier with a program propped on the side (similar to your ice cream). Also each kids’ first swipe at a beer bottle, both around age 1. The photos were taken as either mom or dad enjoyed a beer, though the photo makes it look like the baby had his/her hands around it. To some that shot may look like child abuse/bad parenting, but they were taken in the spirit of my beer-loving grandmother so it’s all good to me.

  3. Joe and I LOVE going out for pizza as a treat, so that would be one of them. Also: a walk around Whetstone Park of Roses in Columbus, a trip to Huron (my hometown) and Martins Ferry (Joe’s hometown) – oh, and Muskingum! 🙂

  4. Oh, so many important firsts! We can’t wait to take Elias on his first bike ride, and to the zoo, and on a vacation that is centered around his interests and enjoyment. This fall, we want to take him to an apple orchard or a pumpkin farm. Then Christmas…oh so many things!! It’s so fun to experience “firsts” with your baby boy!

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