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Today was Leo’s due date (would have been 40 weeks):

He’s much cuter out of my belly than in it!

I also thought it would be fitting to share the story of Leo’s birth, now that he’s here and we’ve been home for awhile!

On Tuesday (August 16th) I noticed I was leaking a little bit.  I didn’t think much of it – it only happened once or twice and I figured it was just normal pregnancy toward-the-end stuff.  Then Wednesday it happened again a two or three times, but I still figured just regular pregnancy stuff, but maybe it meant I was getting close to labor.  All day Wednesday I also noticed that my belly was getting rock hard at times, but it wasn’t regular intervals and never hurt, so again, didn’t think anything of it.  Wednesday night we went to bed at 9pm like usual.  I woke up at 1:30am and never fell back asleep.  I ended up on and did some research on water breaking.  I knew your water could break and leak more than come out in a gush, but I thought what I was experiencing was too slow of a leak to be it.  Still, Thursday morning I went for a 4 mile run/walk and then at 8:30am, when the doctor’s office opened, called and scheduled an appointment to get checked just in case.  At 11:20 Dave and I had our appointment… and by 11:45 our doctor was telling us to go home, get our bags, eat a light lunch, and to head to the hospital to be induced.  Turns out my water had broken, but Leo’s head was so far down that it just came out in a very small leak.  Because it probably broke Tuesday I was at risk for an infection, so I needed to be induced right away and to have antibiotics administered during the labor as a precaution.

39 weeks, 4 days, on the way to the hospital (can you see the slight panic in my eyes?):

Dave and I got to the hospital at 1pm.  I was a little freaked out – suddenly labor and delivery was here.  We checked in to the hospital and got set up with an IV (the fourth needle finally worked…).

That’s my “I’m excited and also scared out of my mind because I haven’t had time to process what’s happening yet” face.

By 2:30 they had me set up with a pitocin (for inducing labor) drip and also had my belly strapped with a contraction monitor and fetal heart monitor.  I started feeling contractions fairly quickly, but they didn’t hurt very much.  I tried to rest a bit since I hadn’t slept well the night before (and knew we were in for a long night), but I was too excited and couldn’t sleep.  Instead, Dave and I watched the movie The A-Team and I facebooked and read and hung out with Dave.

Around this time I also called my mom and told her “labor really isn’t that bad.”  Her response?  “Oh, just talk to me when it’s all over.”  Oh, silly, naive, first-time-pregnant lady.

 At 6:30pm our doctor came by the check me and found Leo’s head was so low that she had to literally push him out of the way so she could check how dilated I was.

Around 10:30pm the contractions started to get painful.  I tried sitting on a birthing ball but because Leo was so low, it didn’t feel very comfortable.  Although Leo was in good position, I was having a lot of back labor – in fact, I never felt a single contraction in my abdomen.  I only felt them in my back.  By 12am Dave and the nurse were taking turns rubbing my back every time a contraction hit.  I was in a lot of pain, tired, and ready to be done.  At 2am I was ready to push.  Since the doctor had said Leo’s head was so low, I – stupidly – expected that pushing wouldn’t take that long since he was already down.  Oh, silly, naive, first-time-pregnant lady.  I was beyond exhausted at this point – having been awake for over 24 hours – and actually fell asleep in between pushing a couple times.  After 50 minutes – the hardest 50 minutes of my life for dang sure – at 3:02AM on August 19, Leo David was finally here!

Dave was amazing throughout my labor – keeping me company as a friend when it was “easy,” and being attentive and encouraging when it was really hard – he asked what I needed, pushed and massaged on my back, fanned me, loved me, and kept telling me I could do it when I was groaning, “I’m all done.”  And he was there to cut Leo’s cord!

I’ll be back with more later on our day in the hospital and how we’re doing now, Leo’s visitors, and, of course, lots of pictures!  Also maybe I’ll share my quick tips on how to stay awake for over 65 hours on literally 4 hours total sleep (not consecutive).  Hint: endorphins and adrenaline and a lot of God’s grace.  And 10 minute cat naps.

We’re now getting more sleep – thankfully!

And I haven’t forgotten about the favorite things giveaway either!  I’ll post the winner soon!


21 thoughts on “due date

  1. What a great story. I’m tearing up reading this. What really got me was hearing how great Dave was through it all. You have yourself such a wonderful husband!

  2. Warning: any mother will cry while reading this.
    Amazing story! You are a rockstar! I am so proud of you 🙂
    I can’t wait to nuzzle his sweet little face – thank you for sharing your story!

  3. Congrats again! So proud of you. I know exactly what level of exhaustion you speak of. My 36 hours and 3 hours of pushing sounds similar to yours. You are now truly the most badass of all badass levels. Leo is so cute! I hope the sleep continues to come!

  4. I love birth stories! Thanks for sharing yours! I love how you said silly first time pregnant lady. I remember when a friend of mine was pregnant with her first child (after Joshua was born) and she looked at me and said with all sincerity, “I just don’t think it’s going to hurt” referring to giving birth. I smiled and said, “Hmmm…” In the back of my head I thought silly first time pregnant lady!

    He is definitely adorable. I’m so happy for you and Dave. Praying you heal quickly and get lots of rest! Blessings on your family!

  5. Oh my gosh! I love this! I started to tear up reading it, especially about how awesome Dave was. You still make labor sound a lot easier than it probably was though. You’re so tough. And little Leo is so adorable! What does Mosie think?

  6. Got a little teary eyed reading it! Loved how special of a time it was for you and Dave! Looking forward to it myself (knowing that the same panic will strike though). Leo is adorable! You are looking great and sound great! Can’t wait to hear more!!!!

  7. Amazing, simply amazing! Loved reading your birth story. You, Dave and Leo all did a fantastic job, with extra kuddos going to you, mama!!

  8. oh and yes, gotta love the back labor, that’s what I experienced with Lola. I am praying for a “normal” labor this time around. 😉

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