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Normally I’m pretty good at making sure I switch out my running shoes on time.  After about 400 miles I tend to notice that my runs all start to go to crap – my legs are achy and extra-tired.  But as soon as I put on new shoes my runs always perk up!  My current pair of running shoes have been around for a loooong time, but because my running was so reduced from pregnancy and then went to just walking, I haven’t really paid attention to the mileage.  Maybe I should have.

(Signs your shoes are done in: the gel insole is showing through the bottom.)

I started wearing these shoes at the beginning of March, which means they currently have 520 miles on them (running and walking).  They’ve been through two half marathons (the Holy Hot and the Indy Mini).  And they’re clearly, clearly worn out.  So yesterday I went online to find a new pair of running shoes so that post-baby I’ll be ready to run!  As always, I went with Brooks Adrenaline GTS.  These are my go-to shoes, and have been since the fall of 2005.  I LOVE them.  I looked for a pair of GTS 10’s, as they are cheaper right now, but couldn’t find any in my size.  So I ordered the new model, the GTS 11.  It ended up working out because I got them in a fabulous new color:

Bright purple with blue shoestrings?  Don’t mind if I do.  I have a feeling I’ll run extra fast in something so loud and snazzy!

What kind of shoes do you swear by – running, athletic, dress, or otherwise!


8 thoughts on “shoe me

  1. I love the purple and turquoise. Loud running shoes are my favorite if only because white look disgusting after the first run. I started running in Newtons this year and they have changed me. I don’t think I can ever wear another shoe.

  2. I’ve been running in Asics 2160s (or whatever the new model is, the number changes every year). I just started on a new pair that should take me thru the marathon & then promptly be retired 🙂

  3. I have a lot of shoes. Like at one point I had a few hundred but I purged about half when we moved into our new home.. probably if I didn’t store them all in shoe boxes this wouldn’t have been such a problem 😉

    Honestly, I buy whatever light & comfortable running shoe I find in my size that’s under $60 at Kohls when I purchase running shoes. Is that bad? I normally end up with an older style Asics Gel- my feet aren’t complaining!

  4. The Brooks GTS have also been my only running shoes since the mid-2000s. I just haven’t ever found another brand to rival them. I’m not sure I could have chosen the purple, but yes, Kim, they look like you! Perfect.

    Hope they are awesome!

    Best of luck to you today!

  5. Oh hey, guess what? You’re having a baby! Actually I haven’t seen a tweet in a while so maybe you already had it or are stil having it. Either way I cannot wait for baby posts!

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