favorite things giveaway

Because you guys are so awesome, Dave and I decided I should do a favorite things giveaway, giving you guys the chance to win some of my favorite things!  Here’s the booty:

  • 1 box of Annie’s white cheddar macaroni and cheese
  • 2 clif bars (1 chocolate chip peanut crunch, 1 crunchy peanut butter)
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • the book Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl
  • the latest issue of Runner’s World
  • $5 giftcard to Dairy Queen

Too bad Mosie can’t be included in the prize.  She’s definitely one of our favorite things!

TO ENTER: leave me a separate comment for each of the following.  Each one completed is worth one entry.

  • Tell me some of your favorite things!
  • Become a follower of my blog.
  • Link back to this giveaway on your blog.
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Contest ends Friday at 11am.  I’ll randomly select a winner and post it Friday at lunch!


51 thoughts on “favorite things giveaway

  1. Some of my favorite things include:
    any kind of dark chocolate
    new folders (think: school)
    The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (YA book)
    Crock pot meals in the Fall
    Airing out the house when the temp drops
    All things Fall!
    Quincy, of course

  2. Some of my current favorite things:

    peanut butter cup stuffed chocolate peanut butter cookies
    soft cardigans for my cold office
    Darcy, our cat
    fresh tomatoes from our garden
    having a home big enough so we could have friends over last night for pizza and a movie
    my ever-loving husband

  3. My favorite things of the moment:
    – Watching the sunrise on a relaxing 5 mile run this morning
    – Iced coffee, extra strong!
    – Watching my cat play with her new favorite toy – a green bean!

  4. What a super fun giveaway! Some of my favorite things are… sour patch kids, an apple with melted PB, a fountain diet coke, playing in the back yard with Miles, finishing a long run, watered down gatorade, a round of golf on a warm day.

  5. Favorite things are the best! Mine definetly include dark chocolate hershey kisses, pumpkins spice everything, scarfs, playing with my pups and listening to my husband play his guitar.

  6. Some of My favorite things, Swedish fish, sno-cones, running, the peanut butter company peanut butter, stealing babies and puppies (not stealing puppies, just puppies in general)

  7. My favorite things are: dunkin donuts coffee, fizzy cola gummies, any mac & cheese (love Annie’s as well) and peanut butter. Mosie looks like my cat, George. She is such a ham too!

  8. Max is my absolute favorite.:) Other current favorites include blue bell coconut fudge ice cream, riding my tandem bike with Luke (he’s my favorite too:), a good film, camping, all things fall, the board game stone age, reeses and breakfast food.

  9. Some of my favorite things:
    Pretzel M&Ms
    Twizzlers (how sad that the first 2 are candy?)
    Body Glide (because of said running)
    my bloggy friends

  10. Some of my favorite things:

    Anything chocolate and peanut butter
    Banana Peanut Butter
    Sunshine and Warm Weather

  11. Some of my favorite things in no particular order include…
    dark chocolate
    a tall Bacardi and diet with lime
    my grandkids
    my hot tub

  12. Some of my favorite things are:

    Anything with peanut butter
    Chocolate chip peanut butter pretzel cookies
    A little tiny white ceramic cow creamer that hangs out on a shelf in my dining room
    Ice cream
    Building things & refinishing things!
    Zucchini bread
    Owls… specifically a watercolor we have of one in our bathroom 🙂
    Road races
    My hubby!

  13. These are a few of my favorite things:

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things!…

    No wait, that’s something else entirely. But I do like whiskers on kittens.

    Favorite things:
    1. My Wife (she rocks)
    2. My God
    3. My Family
    4. Our Cat
    5. Movies and Books
    6. Watching movies with my wife and cat, all cozied up on the couch, in our wonderful house.

    Just to name a few.

    1. I just started following your blog, and I truly enjoy it! We share a lot of the same view points and opinions and it’s fun to follow your pregnancy. 🙂

      1. Some of my favorite things are:

        – reading inspirational and fun blogs
        – antiques
        – volunteering at a cat shelter
        – people who adopt homeless pets instead of buying from breeders
        – vegetables
        – time with my two children
        – beautiful beaches

  14. Some of my favorite things are:
    *Any flavor of ice cream
    *Baking & Cooking
    *Temps under 100 degrees, which I’m not seeing much of these days. So sad.

  15. a taste of my favorites:
    •Colored sharpie markers
    •Keen shoes
    •Reading in bed on the weekends
    •Singing along to a great song in the car
    •Being an aunt to 2 adorable nieces and one nephew I can’t wait to meet

  16. Some of my favorites:
    -sunday brunch
    -s’mashing s’mores from trader joe’s
    -ezekiel cinammon raisin bread
    -peanut butter
    -my sister
    -crisp fall days
    -college football games

  17. Favorite things:
    oh who am I kidding, ANY FRUIT!
    Peanut Butter&Banana wraps with Cinnamon sprinkled on top!
    That butterfly feeling when you’re first getting to know a new guy…
    Karen Kingsbury’s books

  18. Some of my favorite things include:
    ~laughing and sharing stories with family and friends
    ~teaching jr. high Language Arts to ridiculously funny jr. high kids
    ~Kraft caramels (can’t have ’em in the house – they call to me)
    ~Ocean City beach and boardwalk, sun and fun, and the potato sack slide
    ~New York City – amazing food, entertainment, people of all kinds, and my kids live there
    ~taking Aeris and Tifa to the dog park and watching them run and play
    ~finding beach glass along Huron’s lake edge
    ~Homemade pizza
    ~Tai Chi class in Fellowship Hall with the sun streaming through the windows

  19. Some of my favorite things:
    My puppies and my cat
    The feeling after I run
    Seeing comments on my blog
    Thinking about the race shirt I will get to wear with such pride after my 1/2

  20. I have way to many things including;
    -Frozen Yogurt
    – Almond Butter
    – King of Thrones (tv show)
    – Hippos
    – Stretch pants 😀

  21. Some of my favorite things:

    – Being able to identify a new tree, bird song, or flower in my garden
    – Seeing my green peppers grow
    – Anything chocolate…especially when it has Peanut Butter
    – Mountains!!!!
    – My hubby.

  22. My favorite things currently: peanut butter, Aaron, corn on the cob, walking barefoot, YOU (bonus points?), new school beginnings, my kids, clean houses

  23. First-time reader here! I found you via AliOnTheRun 😉

    I want to first say congrats as I think you’re probably at the hospital pushing out your baby right now. How exciting! I can’t wait to follow more via your blog.

    Some of my favorite things:
    – mangoes
    – a bold roast coffee
    – fireplaces
    – summer rainstorms
    – knee-high flat boots
    – my Kindle

    Hope to hear all about the new baby soon!

  24. My favorite things:
    ice cream
    my pooches (Lucy and Max)
    flip flops
    warm fuzzy blankets
    hooded sweatshirts
    my friends 🙂

  25. some of my favorite things:
    – chocolate (especially milk chocolate)
    – ice cream
    – music, music, music!
    – family and friends

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