angela is awesome

Winner of the reader recipe poll is zucchini feta casserole.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

On Saturday Dave and I received a package from fellow blog friend Angela (and Ryan and baby Emitt!).  It was awesome – not to mention really really sweet of her to send us a package for baby boy!

A wet bag for dirty diapers, a beautiful muslin swaddle blanket, breastfeeding tea, month-by-month stickers to put on onesies for pictures, and nipple butter (signs you’re having a baby: you say “nipple butter” on your blog).

How amazing and generous is that?  Dave and I were just floored!  I’ve already washed the blanket and packed it for the hospital… the nipple butter, too.

What’s something nice someone has done for you lately?


6 thoughts on “angela is awesome

  1. I’m so glad you liked everything. I know nipple butter is a weird gift but I wished I had it in the hospital! Something nice someone has done for me recently is Jen baked me a batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies and sent them to Michigan for me over the weekend! She knew how bad I was craving cookies and I hadn’t really had any since giving up dairy a few weeks ago. 🙂

  2. i have some muslin swaddle blanket for Max and I love them! we use them all the time. and nipple butter is definitely a plus.:)

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