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When Dave and I moved into our house we had almost no furniture (the apartment we previously rented had come furnished).  Luckily, our landlord offered to let us “shop” her attic for antiques before we moved out.  One of the pieces we bought was a bedroom set, which we set up in our room.  The vanity came with a bench, but was covered in terrible, old green fabric that was ripping.  I knew I wanted to recover the bench but wasn’t sure how to go about it… and then it was a year later and the bench still remained ugly, green, and ripped.

Saturday after grocery shopping and a nap I decided to mow the lawn.  I was changing clothes to get ready and caught sight of the bench again.  Suddenly I was struck with inspiration to cover it.  I grabbed the bench and took it downstairs.  I also grabbed one of the pillow shams that came with our duvet cover (IKEA).  Ten minutes later, with a little help from some tools Dave rustled up for me, I had the bench top unscrewed and the old fabric untacked from the bottom.  I ironed the pillow sham and then carefully pulled it tight around the bench top.  I re-used the tacks that held the old fabric on.  Viola!  Maybe 30 minutes after I started the project I had it finished!


Why did it take me a year to do this?

So much better!

Sunday I went for a walk and got rained on – twice.  The first time I was 1.7 miles from home when it started to downpour.  I ran to the nearby senior citizen center and stood under the roof while Dave drove over to get me.  But by the time he picked me up and we got home, it had stopped raining.  Dave dropped me at the park near our house so I could walk on the trail.  I was on the trail for a bit but after 2 deer flies found me, I bailed.  And then it started to downpour again – when I was at the exact same place as before.  This time it was short, so I ended up walking home and not calling Dave.  Crazy rain!  I did manage to walk 6 miles without getting tired – victory!

What house projects have you recently tackled?


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