big food

Dave and I did a little grocery shopping this morning, hitting up Sam’s Club for a giant jug of olive oil, a big box of goldfish crackers, spinach, and a few other things.  We also saw these:

A huge box of Reese’s big cups?!?  Why, yes please!  Actually, no, I put those back.  The last thing I need is 16 big cups staring me in the face.  Nope.

Dave found a big box of dark chocolate bars:

Those actually did make it in the cart.  Dave loves dark chocolate almost as much as he loves peanut butter.

And then while we were over at Target I found my dream vehicle!

Do you think it was filled inside with more goldfish?  Salty crunchy heaven in a truck.

We got home before 10am, which left plenty of time for some of this:

I got a full night’s sleep last night, so I’m not sure why I was so tired.  But man, all that big food shopping really wore me out!

It’s been an easy day around here, but I did get a spontaneous house project/craft in!  Can’t wait to show you – I’m the least crafty person ever, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.  Now off to mow the lawn.  Hey, baby boy, feel free to let that mowing woo you out!


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  1. I shop at costco and everytime I go (maybe once a month) I treat myself to one big something of junk food. Last time I got the 5lb twizzler tub. It was amazing. Maybe next time I will get the reeses, mmmmm

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