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things I’m excited about

  • meeting baby boy (duh!)
  • my sisters coming to visit on the 18th
  • more weather like yesterday (Seriously it was 76, sunny, and breezy.  It was amazing.)
  • new books from the library to dig into
  • the new ice cream place I discovered last night when I met up with a friend.  It’s 20 minutes away but it really might be the best ice cream ever.  And I’ve had a lot of ice cream.  (Scoops in Milford, Indiana, for those nearby!)
  • date night this Friday with Dave – and celebrating our 3-year-engagement anniversary!
  • getting the attic rooms (our last 2 rooms!) painted.  We bought the paint on Monday and Dave might paint on Friday!
  • getting my ring back!
  • running again (I’m eyeing the Grand Rapids half marathon in October since I loved the Grand Rapids marathon so much!)
  • going for walks with baby boy and the new stroller
  • making waffles.  Don’t waffles sound so good right now?
What are you excited about right now?

9 thoughts on “things I’m excited about

  1. •Travelling solo next week
    •Spending time with my sisters
    •Meeting my nephew
    •Going to the pool Sunday
    •Going to a wedding on a yacht
    •Going to a baseball game w/ fireworks

  2. being done with summer classes next week (so much to do before it ends).

    my birthday (in about 3 weeks).

    yeah, my excitement and expectations are pretty low these days. 🙂

  3. 1) road trip with jill to see kim
    2) holding baby boy
    3) finishing the duck coop (it’s exciting because then i don’t have to feel bad about it not being done anymore)
    4) being nearly done with all of a grant’s implementation (only 2 months after getting it and before students return for the semester)
    5) installing solar panels!

    ok. that’s lame that two of mine are work related.

  4. I love it when fam comes to visit!

    Would that be the 2011 or 2012 marathon?!

    I am excited to take a mini vacation this week. And sleep in on Sunday.

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