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Have you heard of a boppy pillow?  Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen them – the C shaped pillows women often use for breastfeeding, propping up baby, etc.  My cousin nicely gifted us hers, so we didn’t have to buy a new one.  But I did want to put a new cover on the pillow, to make it a little more “mine.”  There are tons of boppy pillow covers out there at Target, Amazon, Babies R Us… pretty much anywhere.  But I didn’t really love any of them and while I could sew my own, my sewing skills were never great and now haven’t been used for 5 years.  So… that wasn’t going to happen.

Problem solved: etsy!  Tons of great boppy pillow covers for a great price!  I found an awesome store, PinkPolkaDot, with tons of really cute fabrics and patterns.  Bonus: an awesome price (like $3 cheaper than the cheapest covers at Target, and cuter to boot).  Bonus bonus: a super cute pillow cover, gender-neutral, that I love (and so does Dave!).

Someone else wanted a glamour moment.

I didn’t get this giraffe cover because it was more expensive, but isn’t it adorable??

Baby/ Toddler Nursing Pillow Cover Dark Blue Aqua/Turquoise with White Giraffes Fits Boppy

The cover came yesterday and is really awesome.  The fabric isn’t flimsy or cheap, but high quality.  And it’s sewn beautifully – it looks professional.  I’m so happy with it!  It also fits really tightly – it was almost difficult to put on because the cover fit so well!  I’d definitely recommend the store to others!

Do you shop on etsy?  What do you look for?


8 thoughts on “pillow cover

  1. Kim- glad the old boppy will get great use. Love the cover. Super cute!

    Love me some etsy. I blame your sister for that. When Jill was down with your mom a few years back, she showed me the site. I have ordered several things over the last year or so and enjoy just browsing at other times.

    1. I love Etsy! I bought the cutest necklace with two circle pendants that have each of my kids’ names on the front, and then their birthdates on the back for a really reasonable cost. I also am a sucker for home decor stuff and other jewelry, not to mention cute hair accessories!

  2. Cool! I love the cover you chose! I had not heard of these until I visited our friends in NYC. They had one for upstairs and one for downstairs bceause they said it was hard to carry the baby and the bobby up the stairs at the same time.

  3. I don’t shop on etsy,but wanted to say I love the cover! I also use my boppy all the time (not just for breastfeeding). Tyler loves to use it to sit up on my couch or bed.

    How are you feeling? (like you haven’t been asked that 5 million times already, right?)

  4. I would love to find out more stores that others recommend on Etsy. Kim, I am bookmarking this one for future gifts/personal use (someday!) 😉

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