brown brown bananas

We have some seriously brown bananas sitting on our counter.  Normally I’m gun-shy about making anything with mashed bananas because seeing their spots and mashing them makes me gag (literally).  But since I’ve found I can mash them in the KitchenAid (hands off!) it’s much better.  So.  Help me out – what should I make with the bananas?  I’d like to do something healthy – so a healthy banana bread or muffins?  But I know there are other options out there – tell me tell me!

While you guys were all so sweet about telling me how much you liked my new short hair, you suddenly turned mean when most of you voted that I’ll have the baby in the 41st week.  Dude.  Did I mention how impatient I am?  You guys are cruel!  In all reality, we are really hoping baby comes – somehow – next week, as it would be best for my family.  Does that sound selfish?  My parents live 11 hours away and the later baby boy comes the less chance my dad can come up with my mom (work obligation).  That stinks both for my mom (having to drive alone) and my dad (not getting to meet his first grandson until who-knows-when).  My 2 sisters will also be in town next weekend for a nearby wedding.  We’d love  baby boy to be here to meet them, otherwise they, too, will have to come back at another time (6 hour drive for one, a flight for the other).  So come on, baby.  Help your family out!

Also, a sign Dave and I are getting old: we are insanely excited about our new car seat cushion support:

Angel Sales PosturePro Lumbar Support

My car – a Honda Civic – has the worst car seats for your back.  Seriously.  It will destroy you on a car trip over 2 hours.  We got a memory foam pillow awhile back but it’s chunky and not all that comfortable.  This one is awesome!

What’s gotten you excited lately (other than frozen yogurt)?

PS – I’m on Lilly’s blog today!


12 thoughts on “brown brown bananas

  1. I’m rocking out the old lady back support in both my home and work office chairs! I didn’t think about trying it out in my car….a Honda Fit, which also has pretty uncomfortable seats. 🙂 I’m hoping little man arrives next weekend so your family can all be there!

  2. Remember that time I drove from Connecticut to California with Katie? That was in a Honda Civic. Those seats destroyed my back. I totally understand needing a pillow.

  3. Banana bread is my fav, but beth schlegel’s pb/choc chip banana muffins will rock your world. Let me know if you want recipe.

  4. Sorry about the 41 weeks. I definitely voted for that, simply because I have a ton of friends having first babies, and that’s about the average!

    Also, I have one of those car back mesh supports. They rock!

  5. I love banana bread, but muffins are yummy too. I have grown used to squishy, brown bananas because they make the best banana bread – the blacker, the better! 🙂

  6. I have that cushion for my desk at work. Some old lady used to have this chair so it has a padded butt cushion, that thing for your back and a foot rest.

  7. I’d make banana cupcakes; they were always a hit with my family. They freeze nicely too. In fact, I have some mashed bananas in the freezer now, (in one cup meaurements in small baggies) that could be used for baking these 22 cupcakes this weekend for our guests. Good luck!

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